Book Review Cross Roads

Picture2014 325Title: Cross Roads

Author: Donald Wilson II

Genre: Young Adult Action Adventure / Urban Fantasy

Age Group: Young Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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Shawna is not a typical teenager.  Not only is she homeless and surviving in New York City on her wits and talents, but she is also the target of the Doma, a demonic race who appear human.  She believes that there is nothing remarkable about her, so why are they trying to kill her?

After barely escaping with her life, Shawna must ally herself with the only group capable of stopping them and keeping her alive.

Under the tutelage of Decker, and his personal assistant Gibbs, Shawna begins her intense training to become a member of this covert group.  They relocate to a small, rural town and Shawna manages to find friendship while gaining the attention of a charming and handsome young man.

Shawna’s new life is interrupted when her enemies discover her location and she is forced to put her training to the test.  Shawna comes to a deadly crossroads that will alter her life forever … if she can survive.

Cross Roads brings a whole new meaning to the word fast-paced. This book left me breathless. Shawna is anything but your typical teenager, and this makes her instantly an intriguing, engaging character. She’s an orphan, forced to raise herself on the streets of New York. Luckily she has a best friend who has her back. While different, Shawna’s life is quite uneventful, until one night changes all of it. She becomes the target of Doma, a demonic race that appears human. Shawna barely escapes, but in order to stay alive she has to ally herself with the Acolytes, a secret organizations with as main purpose to fight Doma.

Shawna starts training to become a member of this group, which means moving to a small town and leaving behind her previous life. But her training is cut short when the Doma find out about her whereabouts.

I’m a huge fan of Decker. He had a great personality – always lingering slightly on the edge, dark and mysterious. I loved Mr. Gibbs too, Decker’s personal assistant.

The world-building is appropriate, with just enough background information to make it realistic and intriguing. The characters are three-dimensional, and it’s especially easy to connect with Shawna. The writing is good, and overall, the story just flows from the very first page, keeping the reader engaged.

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