Book Review Ride: Dueling Devils Box Set by Shyla Colt

ridefrontTitle: Ride: Dueling Devils Box Set
Author: Shyla Colt
Genre: Erotic Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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Experience the Ride from the beginning.

The red, white, and blue rally used to be a high point for Ardy Larkin. The festival brought in enough money for the town to scrape by, and added a bit of excitement to the air. This year everything’s different. Her father made a deal he couldn’t back, and now her life is forfeit. Demanded as payment for their debt she finds herself attached to the biggest, baddest, member of the Dueling Devils M.C., their president, Demon.

In need of someone to watch his children while he was away, Ardy Larkin seemed like the perfect solution to all Demon’s problems, until he caught a case of feelings for an innocent girl who didn’t belong in his world. When a dangerous situation forces his feeling to the forefront, he shows her what it means to be claimed by a member of the Dueling Devils.

Book 2: Payback

She paid the price for her family’s debt working for the Dueling Devils M.C. Love was never meant to be part of the deal. But somehow, the dark and dangerous club president, Demon stole her heart. Now she’s thrust into hell fire. The Sidewinders’ personal attack on Demon’s family has the M.C. out for blood. As the rough side of Demon’s lifestyle rears its ugly head, she’s tested to her breaking point.

Consumed with keeping his family safe, Demon is determined to put the Sidewinders in the ground. Focused on revenge, he watches the miles between him and Ardy grow. The. M.C. comes first, but he won’t let Ardy walk away now that he’s claimed her. Backed into a corner he does the only thing he knows how to, fight his way out.

Book 3: Wrecked

You can’t have love without trust, so Lefty never looked twice at a woman. Betrayed at a young age, the only people he trusts are his brothers in the Dueling Devils motorcycle club. The boys took him in and showed him the meaning of family and loyalty. Then he broke his own rule and slept with the same woman more than once. She became a habit, and he got ensnared by the island beauty who ruled her strip club with an iron fist. The problem is, Gia’s not interested in anything serious.

The minute Gia Hughes began to trust Lefty, she knew she was in too deep. The smart thing would’ve been to walk away, but the chemistry between them was too powerful. Then he started asking for more, and she was forced to run from the only thing she ever really wanted—a place to belong. The skeletons buried in her closet need to stay buried to keep her safe, but all too soon that decision is taken out of her hands.

Ride: Dueling Devils Box Set is a three book erotic romance box set. The set contains three books, and the connection between them is the Dueling Devils motorcycle club. The first book, Dual Desires, focuses on Demon, the president of the Dueling Devils club, and Ardy Larkin. Demon isn’t an easy character to connect with. He’s tough – he’s the biggest, baddest member of the motorcycle club, so that’s to be expected, but still it’s hard to see through his tough looks and find the somewhat softer man he is inside (although I definitely wouldn’t call him a softie, but he’s kinder than he wants people to believe).

Ardy is my favorite character from all three stories. She goes through a tough time with her Dad basically selling her off. She starts to work for Demon as a nanny who looks after his children, and there her soft side really shows. She’s flawed and makes mistakes, but at the same time, she’s not afraid to admit if she did something wrong.

The second book, Payback, continues to focus on Demon and Ardy, and explores their relationship further, taking it to the next level. Here, Demon’s personality evolves and grows, and I actually started to like him. I thought he was intriguing before, but now I began to see what Ardy sees in him.

The third book, Wrecked, focuses on two different characters, Lefty and Gia. I enjoyed the story as well. Both characters are quite realistic, and they have unique personalities, and almost instant chemistry.

The books are filled with erotic scenes. Those scenes are difficult to write, but author Shyla Colt does an amazing job writing those. I’d highly recommend these books to fans of erotic romance.

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