Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Evil Imminent


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for horror / paranormal short story collection “Evil Imminent”. The tour runs from December 22 to January 5. I’ll review the book on January 1st. Stay tuned for the review, and in the mean time, visit the other stops!

Tour Schedule

December 22nd: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

December 22nd: Book Excerpt @ Undercover Book Reviews

December 22nd: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

December 24th:  Character Interview @ The Book Daily

December 26th: Book Excerpt @ Books, Authors, Blogs

December 27th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

December 29th: Book Excerpt @ Ashley’s Paranormal Book Blog

January 1st: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

January 3rd: Book Excerpt @ Books Direct

January 4th: Book Review @ PRATR

January 5th: Book Review @ 100 Pages A Day

About The Book

Evil Imminent frontTitle: Evil Imminent

Author: Maryann Weston

Genre: Horror / Paranormal Short Story Collection

A horror/paranormal anthology that lures, grips and exhilarates, leaving the reader demanding more.

‘Normal’ will never be the same after reading Evil Imminent.

In Maryann Weston’s exciting new anthology, mundane becomes extraordinary.

  • Nate is unable to cast off his past;
  • Gabby is devastated by grief;
  • Sal will do whatever it takes;
  • Sybilla’s arrogance leads her to a deadly risk;
  • Dutton’s yearnings become an obsession;
  • Bella is consumed by her disrespect for culture;
  • Michael searches for redemption.

Unresolved dysfunction can have terrifying consequences.

“She fled back through the house and out the front door into the comfort of the suburban street. She gulped in the cool air and focused on one thought. Something had gone wrong. It had gone horribly wrong.”


Author Bio

Author portraitMaryann Weston is a professional writer and communicator, working in private enterprise and for government. She lives in the rural town of Goulburn, Australia.

She has been writing all her life across many mediums and for many purposes.

Maryann has written for newspapers including feature, news and legal stories, and for government, niche magazines, websites and social media campaigns. She has developed, led and implemented countless public relations strategies for corporate and government clients, including for major national events.

She has successfully edited newspapers and magazines and online publications.

For the past 25 years Maryann has put words together in various ways, for a diverse audience and a variety of reasons, through her professional work and as an author. She has published three books, Belonging Places, Shadowscape and Dawn of the Shadowcasters. Evil Imminent is her first collection of horror and paranormal short stories.

Maryann has also just finished her first horror novel, Blood Visions.

You can follow her blog at

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and on Twitter @MaryannWeston. Visit her website at

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