Book Review: Gabby, Angel of God by Greg Sandora

angelofgodB5_optforweb - CopyTitle: Gabby, Angel of God
Author: Greg Sandora
Genre: Christian fiction / fantasy
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4,5 stars
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Gabby, Angel of God is an Angel Encounter – Adventure!

When Bo, a grieving widower, meets Gabby, he’s struck by her beauty, grace and laughter that wash over him like the sweetest song in heaven. Gabby is unlike any angel ever dreamed of—evil has no strength against her and the dark one and his minions are no match for this warrior of God. All Bo knows is that Gabby is every man’s dream and every woman’s nightmare…until she shows her true character and everyone loves her for the force of righteousness she is! Rescuing those in danger, providing for the poor and lifting up those in despair, Gabby does it all while wearing killer stilettos and a fab little black dress or tight jeans and a leather jacket.

Bo falls in love with Gabby, but she won’t let her own desires interfere with God’s orders and her mission. He realizes her short stay in his life is bittersweet because he’s going to lose another woman he loves. He’s been insensitive to the women in his life after his wife died, but Gabby has taught him the eternal power of love. Ever relentless, Bo is determined to exploit that power to the nth degree to get what he wants—never realizing he can destroy his destiny and the glorious future God has for mankind!

The story starts out with a young widower, Bo, raising two small children and the three heartbeats that will change his life. Ride along as stunningly beautiful Gabby, takes this human man on the no-holds barred adventure of a lifetime!

If you’ve ever lost a loved one this story is for you!

A story of Peace, Love, Hope, Charity and the strength of Faith, you’ll love Gabby, Angel of God
Gabby, is gorgeous, powerful, and able to take on forces that would make the most powerful armies turn and run for their lives.

When a widower who feels he has lost everything meets an angel, he finds out that his life is just beginning. Gabby is an angel of God who shows him that life is always full of surprises, adventures and a lot more meaning than we can easily fathom. She shows Bo how to help others, be open to love again and find the hidden strength that lies within all of us. It is a story with heart and hope that will take you on an adventure of faith with one amazing angel.

Reading Gabby, Angel of God will leave you feeling good about your life and dreaming of heaven.

In Gabby, Angel of God, Bo is a grieving widower when he first meets Gabby. He’s struck by her beauty, her easy-going ways, and she sparks something inside of him that he never thought possible. In fact, she’s almost too good to be true, helping those in need, wanting to take care of everyone, and in general just being a good person. Although caring, she’s also quite tough and capable of standing up for herself and others. But Gabby is actually an Angel, and she’s come to help Bo find his path to the destiny God has written for him a long time ago. Bo never thought something of the sort would be possible, let alone would happen to him, but it does so either way.

The story is a little bittersweet at times though. Because while Bo falls for Gabby, she won’t let her own desire interfere with God’s orders and the mission she’s been sent to do. Bo on the other hand will lose another woman he loves. Of both characters, I liked Bo the most, probably because it’s easier to relate to him, with him being human and all. Gabby comes across as angelic, unattainable, harder to comprehend for the reader – which makes sense, of course, but this made it easier to relate to Bo’s struggles than to hers.

There’s an interesting view on the supernatural in the book, on religion and divinity, all while bringing a heart-warming and inspiring story. Ideal for the holidays, and in general for anyone who likes books that reflect on spirituality and faith, or just a good read for that matter.


  1. Greg Sandora says

    Thank you for the wonderful review, I look forward to sending the sequel, Protector, Kingdom of Heaven to Enchanted Book Tours. Merry Christmas to all. Greg

  2. Majanka, Thanks for introducing this book to me – it’s right up my street! And the review was written on Christmas day – so guess I’ll have to make it a late Christmas present to myself in that case 🙂 Keep up the great reviews and hope you’ve had a fantastic start to 2015!! Steve

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