2014 in a nutshell

goalsIt’s December 31st, and I can’t believe 2014 is…gone. Just like that. The year went by so fast it’s almost impossible to grasp. Before I start working on my reading resolutions for the new year, I wanted to focus on what I accomplished in 2014, in terms of reading.

According to Goodreads, I read a total of 401 books. That’s not including some books I couldn’t review on Goodreads because they weren’t on there (a small number, but still). Over 400 books. That’s a huge improvement from last year, and to be honest, it’s still a little surreal. Of course this includes some books I read before 2014 (say about 50) but that I didn’t get around to reviewing until this year. Still. 400+ reviews. I need a life, LOL. I’d started with a goal of reading 150 books, then I went up to 200, chose 250 by July, then had to go up to 350 again in September, and now surpassed even that goal. Wow.

This year, I participated in a bunch of challenges. The first one, the Netgalley Reading Challenge, was a huge success. I wanted to read 22 Netgalley books and ending up reading at least three times as much. I didn’t even keep track of the challenge the last few months, since I’d already won. You can see my progress here.

The second challenge, the horror challenge. God, I love horror books. I’d picked the maximum goal, 16+ books, and I think I must’ve read at least a 100. I started keeping track until about 40. You can find my progress here.

Next up, the 100 books a year challenge. Yeah…you can say I kind of shattered that goal. Hehe.

The dystopia challenge proved to be the hardest, but I still won that one as well. I read at least 11 dystopia books this year, and my original goal had been 7. See my progress here.

The last challenge was the YA reading challenge. I went for 30 books, and already surpassed that goal in June. Again, I didn’t keep track of it afterward, but I’m guessing the total must be around 60. My progress for this challenge is here.

 I took a little trip down memory lane and tracked down my resolutions for 2014. The ones I completed are scratched through.

  1. Read and review at least 200 books.
  2. Keep track of progress on reading challenges I signed up for.
  3. Write monthly round-up posts at the end of each month.
  4. Crosspost reviews on Goodreads, B&N, Netgalley and I Heart Yearly Reads.
  5. Add covers of reviewed books on Facebook.
  6. Add covers of received review copies on Facebook.
  7. Bring Netgalley review rate up to 50%.
  8. Bring Netgalley review rate up to 60%.
  9. Bring Netgalley review rate up to 70%.
  10. Organize my Goodreads shelves.

So I didn’t get all of them, but I still got  quite a few, and I’m pleased. Guess the Facebook covers will have to switch over to next year’s goals. My Netgalley ratio went up to 92% even!

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