Book Review: An Infinite Sorrow by R.J. Harker

An Infinite Sorrow ebookTitle: An Infinite Sorrow

Author: R.J. Harker

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction

Rating: 4 stars

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Richard’s family has just moved to the small town of Desolation Falls. New house, new school, new friends. Everything is fine, until he starts to notice strange things about the town. Until his best friend disappears, and no one remembers she ever existed…

An Infinite Sorrow starts off with a bang, with a murder that remains unsolved, at least in terms of motive. Then we take a jump in time, and meet up with Richard, or Rich as he’s called in the book. Rich recently moved to Desolation Falls, and he has to start things from scratch again – finding friends, going to a new school, dealing with living under one roof as his aunt Rose, adjusting to his new life. But not soon after he moves there, strange things start to happen. When Rich and one of his friends, Stan, start playing with an Ouija board, the strange events intensify.

And then, the next day, Rich’s new best friend, Liz, disappears. Worse even, nobody seems to remember Liz existed, and his sister seems to have aged overnight. What is going on? How can Rich save his best friend, and make things right again? What’s happening in Desolation Falls?

This story was deliciously creepy. Rich is an easy character to relate to, and he finds himself tumbling from one impossible event into another. I hear a lot of people complain horror nowadays lacks originality, well, in that case, they should check out this book. Half the time, I could barely keep up with what was going on, and the twists and surprises kept piling up. Plot-wise, this book is great.

Now, if I had to give one downside of the book, it would be the use of the passive tense, which gets used all the time, especially in the first few chapters. “He was”, “she was”, “there was”. Further on in the book, the passive tense isn’t used quite as often though. The writing was okay, and didn’t spend too much time lingering on details, instead it just dived into the action, which marked the general style of the book: fast-paced, barely leaving the reader any time to breath.

If you like horror and science-fiction, the story and plot will definitely entertain you. The author has a lot of potential, and I wouldn’t mind reading more.

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