Book Review: Mysticism & Myths

M&M CoverTitle: Mysticism & Myths
Genre: Paranormal Collection (Sampler)
Rating: 4 stars
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Have you ever wondered about different myths of the world? These include the stories that so many cultures live by and the ones that of the best movies are based upon? You do know that these interesting concepts haven’t just appeared out thin air, right?

Introducing Mysticism & Myths, a sampler by six authors of varying genres. Each author has chosen a legend or culture from various regions, and embellished the details. Webs have been spun, and fantasies have been built in an effort to deliver to a collection that is sure to be entertaining.

The worlds captured in these stories are many! From ghosts and vampires to sea dwellers and shapeshifters, and even ancestral rebirths! There’s something for everyone.

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Mysticism & Myths is a paranormal sampler collection, offering samples from six books. The first is “Bound by Blood” by Margo Bond Collins. I’ve read several books by this author before, so I was excited to find a new one here. Lili, from Filipino origin has tried her entire life to adjust to the American ways When children in her area start growing ill, and nobody seems to find a cure, Lili, who has since become a doctor, tries to save them. This novella was very intriguing. The writing flowed fluently, the characters were engaging, and the ending came as a surprising twist. I also liked the inclusion of an aswang, a mythological monster not many people know about.

The second story, Isa: Gift of the Baloma by Perri Forest is a fantasy story about love, and finding it in the most unlikely of places. The chapters included here are just the start of a full-length novel. It ended rather abruptly, and I would’ve liked to read more, but as far as a start to a book goes, this was pretty interesting. The author does a good job crafting the characters and the world.

Micco, Anguta’s Reign by Dormaine G. is the story of Micco, a native American who wakes up one day at a crime scene and then laters gets chosen to work the case along with the local detective. The murders keep piling up, people start seeing wolves, and Micco’s behavior changes dramatically. A supernatural murder mystery with enough surprises to keep on being entertaining, I particularly enjoyed this one. It’s my second favorite story in the collection. Seeing Micco struggling with grasping what’s going on is intriguing.

In Cursed: A Yorkshire Ghost Story by Karen Perkins, a skeleton is dug up. The skeleton belonged to a witch, Jennet, and she’s out to get revenge. Since I’m a huge fan of ghost stories, this was my favorite story in the collection. The writing was great, the characters stood out, especially Old Ma Ramsgill.

Carnem Levare by Jaxx Summers focuses on Stefano, a man who tried to commit suicide only to find out he couldn’t die. He’s cursed, heartbroken over losing the love of his life, and now he’s forced to relive through that pain over and over again. While madness sinks in, he keeps on believing in love. The character development in this novella is the strong part of it, although the plot is original too.

The last book in the collection, The Life Keeper by Abby L. Vandiver, is another interesting one. Jessica does whatever she can to help out her family, but when her cousin shows up looking for a strigoi – some sort of vampire – her household is turned upside down while her cousin suspects the strigoi might be one of their relatives. It’s an interesting story to wrap up the collection, and while I figured out early on how it would end, I did enjoy it.

Each story has its merits, and the writing is strong throughout. If you’re in the mood for some fantasy novellas, ranging from horror and ghost stories to murder mysteries and romance, I would recommend this collection.

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