Book Review: A Thistle Beyond Time by Jennae Vale

securedownloadTitle: A Thistle Beyond Time
Author: Jennae Vale
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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Cormac MacBayne wants a wife and the witch, Edna Campbell, has the perfect woman in mind.  The only problem is they’re separated by five hundred years and thousands of miles.

Fresh from a bad marriage, Jenna Sinclair has sworn off men – that is until a handsome highlander comes out of the fog and into her life.  He’s a mystery and possibly part of an elaborate practical joke concocted by her cousin.  Jenna’s had enough deception in her life.  Can she risk everything to be with a man who is so obviously lying to her?

In A Thistle Beyond Time, main character Jenna just said goodbye to her jerk of an ex-husband, and went through a horrible divorce. Just when she thinks things can’t any worse, a mysterious fog appears, revealing a handsome highlander who comes from an era five centuries ago. He introduces himself as Cormac, and he’s convinced Jenna is the perfect wife for him. But Jenna has other ideas. She worries Cormac’s appearance might be part of a practical joke by her cousin, and she doesn’t want anymore deception. His story sounds too ridiculous to be true, and Jenna has trouble trusting him.

I liked Jenna. I didn’t mind she was wary of Cormac at first – it fit with her personality, and with the bad things she went through. Jenna is an engaging character, and she has a strong personailty, which sometimes clashes with Cormac’s beliefs and how he thinks women should act. Nevertheless, I liked Cormac too, though. For a sixteenth-century highlander, he was surprisingly modern.

The story is enjoyable, and there’s plenty of romance, so romance fans will love it.

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