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Dead Money Run CoverI’m hosting an interview today for “Dead Money Run” by J. Frank James. Welcome to my blog!

1)      How long have you been writing?

  1. In college I was a reporter and photographer for the Gainesville Sun while a student at the University of Florida. That was in 1964 thru 1966. Several of my stories were picked up by the AP.
  2. In law school I was a member of the law review and I was published there as well.
  3. As a published writer of fiction, I began in 2003 and published my first book in August of 2013. Since then I have written 10 books and I have published 6 books.

2)      What is your favorite genre to write? Action-Adventure, Crime Thrillers. This that can race a reader’s heart.

3)      Which genre have you never tried before, but would you like to try out? My plan is to work in four genres. One being crime thrillers with Lou Malloy. Number two is more in the crime detective area with a new character that I have coming out named Indigo Marsh. Number three is westerns and number four is more in the mystery and suspense format. I have four western books in the planning stage and four mystery and suspense.

4)      Please tell us about your book.

  1. My second book, Dead Money Run, is a follow up sequel to a novella that introduced Lou Malloy. That first book was titled Lou Malloy: The Run Begins. This was a lead in to Lou’s life of crime solving. Actually, Lou Malloy uses his criminal propensities to turn the tables on criminals. Dead Money Run (DMR) picks up after Malloy maxes out on a 15 year federal prison sentence for stealing $15 million dollars from a Indian Casino. DMR follows Lou as he looks for his sister’s killer who was killed while he was in prison and tracks his effort to prevent other criminals from stealing his money. This book also introduces Hilary Kelly and Crusher Barnes who form part of Lou’s inner group of trusted associates.

5)      Which character was your favorite, and why?

  1. I like them all or the character wouldn’t be in one of my books. I like Lou because he is a man of action. Has a strict eye for an eye code that he doesn’t waiver on. Prison taught him a lot, but most of all it taught him things to do to survive. I like Hilary because she takes the rough edges off of Lou. She loves Lou and is totally committed to the plan. However, she is her own person and not afraid to speak her mind. Crusher is an ex-con and a friend of Lou’s who served his sentence next to Lou’s cell at the Atlanta Penitentiary. A former all-pro wrestler, Crusher brings a refreshing view point to things when needed.
  2.  Which character was your least favorite, and why? There are none. I like them all, good and bad.

6)      What was the hardest part about writing your book?

  1. I am a self-published author. I am also a sold artist. Hence, I do all my own book covers. Getting the mechanics of publishing a book in order can be a taxing experience. The writing part of a book is easy for me. As you can see, I have written a lot of books since I published my first one.

7)      What is your writing routine?

  1. One of my failures as a writer is that I tend not to be too disciplined. In addition to being a writer, I am still a consultant in a previous business that is ongoing. That takes a lot of my time. Generally I write when I can at all hours of the day and night. So I really don’t have a routine. Probably never will either.
  2.  Are there things you absolutely need to start writing? No, just write another book.

8)      How long did it take you to write your book from start to finish? Two months.

9)      Can you tell us about your editing process? I don’t have one. I just let my editor do that. I write and she edits.

10)   Is this book part of a series? Yes.

  1. If so, how many installments do you have planned? 20

11)   Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

  1. This is always a difficult question to answer. A lot of writers I am sure read how other successful writers ply their trade. Often they find that one size does not fit all. I start with a set of ideas and then I build my main characters around that idea and, like building a block wall, I fill in with other characters develop the plot. Most if not all my books are character driven. I write fiction. That said, my advice is to write and keep writing. Don’t worry about what it looks like or what someone will think. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was letting someone read one of my first books and they killed it and my sense pf enthusiasm. Someone criticizes your book, thank them and keep on trucking. Remember, the more no’s you get the closer you get to a yes.

12)   Why should everyone read your book?

  1. Dead Money Run is an easy read and one that will amuse a reader. It is not going to make a social statement. I leave those to the reviewers. My book will relax a reader and project the reader into the story.

13)   If you could meet three authors, dead or alive, which authors would you choose?

  1. Ernest Hemmingway
  2. Jim Thompson
  3. Wilbur Smith

14)   What inspired you to write your book?

  1. I have no idea. I suppose I was out of a desire to express myself.

15)   Are you working on something at the moment?

  1. Yes
    1.                                                                i.      If so, can you tell us more about it? I am in the process of finishing a book that will introduce a new character named Indigo Marsh. Indigo is more of a Philip Marlowe or an Elmore Leonard character. He can be vicious and he can be a pushover.

About the Series

all 4 booksThere are currently 4 books in the Lou Malloy Crime Series by J. Frank James: The Run Begins, Dead Money Run, Only Two Cats, and Blue Cat In Paradise.

Genres: Action/Adventure, Crime Fiction, Mystery, Thriller


The Run Begins is the prequel to the Lou Malloy Crime Series:

Lou Malloy is 18 years old and ready for the world… but is the world ready for him? His brother Sam has left and his sister wants to move to Florida with the family. Malloy is having none of it and on a wild moment decides to hop on a rail car, unsure of where he is going. The important thing is that he will no longer be in Kansas, but the problem is that he doesn’t have any money. Henry Lowe, who is in the same rail car, offers Malloy the deal of a lifetime… All he has to do is help Lowe rob a casino in Georgia. With the promise of a big payday, Malloy throws in with the scheme and seals his fate forever.

What starts off as a quick way for Malloy to get a share of $15 million turns into a run for his life. Malloy learns the hard way that nothing comes easy when you’re alone and your life is about change forever…

Read how Malloy survives against all odds in J. Frank James’s next Lou Malloy novel Dead Money Run.

Dead Money Run is the first book in the Lou Malloy Crime Series. 

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On the day Lou Malloy is to be released from prison, the warden calls him for a private meeting. “Ten percent of fifteen million is a lot of money,” the warden tells him. He’s probing Lou for the whereabouts of the $15M that was stolen from a casino 15 years earlier. Lou, however, doesn’t bite. He’s got big plans, which include finding the person who killed his sister while he was in the joint.

Enter Hilary Kelly, a 20-something beauty who gives Lou a motorcycle ride from the bus station. She claims to be a student, but Lou is far too wise to fall for it. After crashing in Hilary’s trailer, Lou soon finds her .38 Smith and Wesson and discovers she’s a private investigator who knows something about his sister.

Hilary a great character, and loaded with memorable lines: “Lou, sometimes you can be the nicest killer I have ever known.” Alas, she and Lou were made for each other – he likes to think of himself as a “compassionate killer.”

Fans of James Ellroy and Elmore Leonard are going to love James’ ingenious capers, devious characters and wry humor. The entire book goes down like a strong yet smooth shot of bourbon.

Will Lou reclaim his money, or will he be lured into one last big score? And who killed his sister, anyhow? To James’ credit, the answers will surprise you. This is one crime novel well-worth finishing.

About the Author

J. Frank JamesJ. Frank James is the author of crime thriller novels. His crime fiction books are gripping and suspenseful with readers being unable to put them down once they get into them. Jim has a passion for writing, and he certainly has the knowledge and experience to write realistic crime thriller novels, thanks to his extensive background in law. Jim attended law school, where he was a member of the law review. He even went on to pass the state bar and started his own law practice that specialized in complex litigation.

Jim’s experience in law helps lend credibility to his crime fiction books. Not only that, Jim has traveled extensively and gains inspiration for his crime thriller novels from his travels. Some of the countries that Jim has visited include Peru, Brazil, Italy, Greece and countless others. From observing other cultures and gaining new experiences, Jim is able to infuse new life into his books and develop believable characters that readers can identify with.

At present, Jim has published four crime thriller novels in the Lou Malloy Crime Series: The Run BeginsDead Money RunOnly Two Cats, and Blue Cat In Paradise. They offer the readers just enough information to keep them guessing and trying to solve the crimes until the end of the books when they are actually revealed. Jim’s books are also fresh and unique takes on crime as well, though. They are not the same whodunit type books that have been done over and over again. By infusing his personal travels into his books, Jim creates characters and atmospheres based on just enough truth to be relatable.

Jim’s books have everything in them from robbery to prison to family. They have hard and soft elements simultaneously to really capture the life of a hardened criminal who is still very human and struggles with the same emotions as the rest of society. At the same time, Jim gives the reader perspectives from private investigators to balance out the story.

Jim’s books even have a hit of romance when his characters come to care for each other as more than just friends. Then, crime and love mixes to create a dynamic atmosphere that is even more complicated than ever before since characters care not only for each other but for their other family members as well. Jim has an amazing way of incorporating various elements into his latest crime novels to create thrillers that readers cannot get enough of, which is perhaps why all four of his books so far carry on one from the other to continue the same story concerning the hardened criminal who did 15 years in prison, Lou Malloy and who comes to be his partner, private investigator, Hilary Kelly. The two of them go it together to create gripping stories that keep readers coming back for more.

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