Book Review: Aberrancy bu Su Halfwerk

AberrancyTitle: Aberrancy

Author: Su Halfwerk

Genre: Horror

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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Robert Williamson, esteemed judge, adoring husband, and doting father, has his flawless life snatched away, leaving him damaged beyond repair—damaged by a witch whose taunting presence spells his destruction.

Before exacting his revenge, Robert is hell-bent on digging out explanations.

His demands are wild, his interrogation method peculiar, and what he seeks most might well cost him what remains of his sanity—and he knows it.

Despite horrible odds, Robert refuses to give in.

Aberrancy is a gripping dark tale of lives lost…to a different kind of evil.

In Aberrancy, Robert Williamson used to have it all. He was a doting father, had a loving wife, he worked as a judge and enjoyed his job. But then, all of those things are taken away from him, one by one, leaving him alone, a man destroyed, a man willing to do whatever it takes to get his vengeance. What little sanity he has left, he’ll use to receive his vengeance, whatever tools at his disposal, he’ll make use of them. He’ll do whatever it takes to destroy that what almost cost him his life.

I won’t get into detail as to what or who caused him this much damage, but it’s made clear early on in the book who he suspects is behind it. Aberrancy, at first, reads like a psychological horror, if you rely on the blurb, but it’s actually more a mix of psychological and supernatural.

The story has an interesting set ups, with the main narrative jumping back from present to past time, and often interrupted with interludes, mini-stories, woven throughout. It makes for an interesting reading experience, and it allows further view into the mind of the main character.

The novel has quite a few original concepts, and as such, stands out from most of the horror books out there. It’s a quick read (barely reached 80 pages in the pdf format) but it’s not a book you’ll easily forget. The writing is great, and the story has a slow build-up but features plenty of creepy or gorey moments throughout to keep the reader entertained.


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