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I’m hosting an excerpt today from contemporary romance collection “Summer Fire”. This excerpt comes from “Summer Rhythm”, and is chapter one.

Book Excerpt

Intending to head for the bar, Chloe got lost in a daydream when she stepped through the door. A familiar song caught her attention. Glancing up, her gaze locked on her biggest regret.

Molten brown eyes, shaggy brown hair, perfectly curved lips twisted in a sinful smirk. That sexy mouth, and talented fingers—and damn, the man could play an instrument. Nearly any.

Smoldering eyes locked on hers for a brief second, igniting hope. Then his brow furrowed as he looked away. Closing his lids, Doug Walsh threw himself into the music like he wanted to banish her from his mind. She couldn’t blame him.

Her desire was a cruel twist of fate. He was even hotter than the last time she saw him, eight years ago. A twinge of guilt thrummed through her and she turned, with the intention of walking out the door.

Someone looped their arm through hers and dragged her toward the bar.

“Thought I mentioned your favorite mistake was playing tonight,” Jackie sing-songed. They’d been best friends since kindergarten. As much as Chloe loved her, Jackie was going to torture her.

She didn’t want to think about the way she’d let Doug in, only to shut him out the next morning. Not once, but twice.

Hopeless, she looked over. “If you had, I wouldn’t have come.”

With a dejected sigh, she climbed onto a stool and dropped her chin into her hand. Nodding at the bartender, she ordered, “Long Island, please?”

Bartender dipped his head in acknowledgement.

Jackie nudged her. “Why not? Clearly you’re still hung up on him. I saw your reaction.”

“He probably hates me.”

“Nah. He never let it slow him down.”

Her mouth fell open. “Are you saying Doug turned into a man-whore?”

Jackie’s brow scrunched. “Not exactly. Though he doesn’t have a problem picking up women.”

“That’s karma for you.” Chloe turned to find her drink. Tracing the disposable coaster, she took a sip from the tall glass before asking, “Why did you invite me here?”

“Figured it would be like old times. Only without having to sneak into bars.”

Chloe giggled. “What the hell. He’s already seen me and the worst he can do is ignore my sorry ass.”

A smirk lifted one corner of Jackie’s mouth as she looked to the stage. “Doubt he’ll ignore you long. He can’t seem to keep his eyes off you.”

Unsure what to say, she kept her mouth closed. It wasn’t like she could turn back time and stay those two nights.

Jackie led her to the stage. Chloe’s eyes landed on the lead singer of Nights Embrace. Roxy was pregnant—like way pregnant.

“Holy shit!” Chloe leaned in to ask, “Tell me Jordan didn’t knock her up.”

“Not a chance. She dumped him years ago. Though Jordan’s not the ass he used to be. Roxy married an Irish hunk from a different band. You’ll have to come early enough to see his group play sometime. But he’ll be singing Nights Embrace’s last song with her.”

“And the guys? What have they been up to?”

“Like I said, Jordan straightened up his act. He even has a girlfriend. Mike’s with a feisty woman, they’re perfect together. And Doug is still flying solo.”

“You like to torture me, don’t you,” she shot back.

Jackie shrugged, attempting an innocent smile as she glanced up at the ceiling.

“You’re here for good, right? You’ve always wanted to fix things. Well, now’s your chance.”

Chloe glared back. “He’s avoiding looking at me.”

“Yeah, because he wanted more than one night, and you bailed on him. Twice.”

“Totally agree. Can’t blame him if he ignores my existence.” That’s why she tried to forget the boy who stole her heart with his big brown eyes, and passion for music. He wasn’t afraid to be true to himself.

For too many years, she tried to please her parents until she finally realized she needed to live for herself.

Chloe made it into Brown University and graduated at the top of her class. Then she went on to medical school against her parent’s wishes. Had they paid attention, they would have realized she ditched the idea of being a lawyer before her first day of college. Her mother had always been more interested in trying to get Chloe to fit her mold.

She came back to Seattle exactly once while away at college. That first summer break when she got swept up in Doug on a warm lazy evening. Then she remembered the next seven years she’d be in Connecticut, across the country. A long distance relationship, distracting from her studies, was the last thing she needed.

Her mother found out she’d spent the night with Doug. Mom had laid into her about how improper it was to be fooling around with a kid who would never go anywhere, a poor two-bit musician, as opposed to a young man worthy of.

In tears, she got herself to the airport and left for good, or so she thought. Her excuse was that she needed to prepare for her next semester. In reality, she needed to find herself.

Part of her hoped she would find Doug, confess everything, and he would forgive her. If his scowl was any indication, it was far too late.

* * * *

Can I resist her this time around?

Probably fucking not.

Doug tried to forget the longing on Chloe Mae’s beautiful face when she walked in and her eyes landed on him. She’d already stabbed him in the heart twice. The night of graduation, and again the following summer.

He wished like hell she didn’t still affect him. She always had, probably always would.

Stupid considering she’d proven he was nothing more than a hot bod and a decent lay. Both times, she disappeared without a word, no explanation, nothing. This time, he wasn’t falling for her sexy smile and pouty lips. She would have no problem finding another man to keep her satisfied.

Mindlessly keeping tempo, he strummed the bass rhythm and scanned the crowd. Right there, two feet in front of him, she stood with Jackie Oceans. Chloe’s eyes were locked on his. Her expression somewhere between lust and—guilt?

Can’t be guilt. Even if it is, she’ll only pull the same stunt.

Thank god. Time for the last song. Maybe everyone would be ready to leave early.

Trevor walked on to sing with Roxy, and he couldn’t help smiling at the pair. They were so damned perfect together. And Mike found his match. Even Jordan was happily monogamous even if they were still in the fuck-like-bunnies stage and not a real couple.

Maybe one day he’d find love.

His eyes travelled the crowd and landed once again on Chloe who stood perfectly still, watching his every move. Why did she look so hopeless?

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