Book Review: Song of a Dead Star by Zamil Akhtar

Song of a Dead Star CoverTitle: Song of a Dead Star

Author: Zamil Akhtar

Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy

Rating: 5 stars

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When Kav sleeps, a firefly whispers in his ear that his wife is not dead. But to find her he has to kill the three Magi that protect the land of Eden.
The same Magi destroyed Kav’s hometown four years ago to crush a rebellion, and he hasn’t seen his wife since.
As Kav plots to kill the Magi, a flying armada bent on conquest and destruction invades Eden. Only the Magi and their ability to turn sunshine into magical energy can stop them.
Granted the same power by the firefly, Kav must either kill the Magi to reunite with his wife, or let go of his longing for the sake of Eden and its people.

In Song of a Dead Star, Kav sets out on an adventure after a firefly tels him his wife isn’t dead and that, in order to find her, he has to kill the three Magic who protect the land of Eden. These Magi happen to be the ones who destroyed Kav’s hometown four years ago, so he doesn’t have too many qualms about killing them. But while Kav plots his revenge on the Magi, a flying armada invades Eden, and only the Magi can stop the enemies from destroying his homeland. This places Kav in an impossible choice: either kill the Magi and reunite with his wife, or give up on his dream of being reunited with his beloved once again, in order to save his home and its people.

I enjoyed the world-building and characterization the most. First, about the world-building, it’s really something special, and it never feels like the author just dumps some info, instead we’re introduced to this world one step at a time. Then about the characterization. Kav is awesome. He’s complex, he has contradicting feelings, he goes through some very real and heart-wrenching struggles.

The plot is intriguing too, and left me guessing for the most part, never knowing what was coming next. As such, I was kept on my seat for the entire time, and I had to read this book in one sitting.

If you enjoy fantasy and science-fiction, I highly recommend you try this book.

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