Book Review: Dark Avenging Angel by Catherine Cavendish

25491740Title: Dark Avenging Angel

Author: Catherine Cavendish

Genre: Horror, Dark Fiction, Supernatural

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Don’t hurt Jane. You may live to regret it.
Bullied by her abusive father, Jane always felt different. Then the lonely child found a friend in a mysterious dark lady who offers her protection—a lady she calls her “angel”. But that protection carries a terrible price, one to be paid with the souls of those Jane chooses to suffer a hideous and eternal fate.
When Jane refuses to name another victim, the angel reveals her most terrifying side. Payment must be made in full—one way or the other.

I’ve read several books by Catherine Cavendish so far and Dark Avenging Angel, while not being my favorite of the bunch, was a good addition my growing collection of reads by this author.

Jane has a horrible life. Her Dad is a filthy, mean, evil man who likes to hurt her mother and occasionally her too. He wants her to be the very best at everything but instead of providing support, he provides criticism. Then an angel shows up, at least Jane thinks she’s an angel, and she promises to take revenge on her father, on Jane’s behalf. All she needs is Jane’s permission to writes her father’s name in her ledger. Jane refuses at first, but the more her father torments her, the more she wants to give in. And when she does, she has no idea of the terrible things she’s unleashed. She must choose three names total. Three names of people who will suffer at the hands of her dark avenging angel.

The premise was original and entertaining, so I was looking forward to diving in and enjoying the story. It is quite enjoyable too, although the book seemed to rush a little fast through Jane’s life. On top of that, despite everything that happened, I couldn’t feel that sympathetic toward Jane. I’ve no idea why. I mean, she goes through hell during her childhood and when she grows up, life doesn’t threat her much better, but yet I had trouble emphatizing with her.

The writing is good, the plot is fast-paced, and ultimately it’s a solid dark revenge story. Whatever you do, you better not mess with Jane.


  1. First, I’d like to say I think the book cover art work is Fantastic! I wish I could track down that designer. In regards to the story, I’ve always been a fan of avenging angel types. Motivated by a tough past and tougher circumstances, this looks like a great book. Besides the 4 star review, great cover, Majanka makes a strong argument to reading the book. Thanks for the share.

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