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I’m hosting a guest post today by Stewart Bint, author of paranormal horror “In Shadows Waiting”. Enjoy the guest post! I’ll leave the word to Stewart now.

Why I Write Horror

My two genres, horror and science fiction both represent the unknown, and it’s that fear of the unknown that sends a tingle down most people’s spines.

With horror, my personal preference is not for constant blood and gore with a clearly defined protagonist creating mayhem, but a slowly developing menace and unease. And it’s even better, in my opinion, when the reader can closely identify with the character. Especially when they are ordinary people in ordinary situations.

What could be more idyllic than the summer facing my young hero, Simon Reynolds, in In Shadows Waiting? So imagine the impish glee that ran amok from my soul when I set the chain of events into motion that tapped into his family’s basic fears.

Firstly, the unease of thinking they may be targeted by burglars. How basic is that fear? The fear of your home being invaded? I want my readers to experience that fear and unease – only through my book of course, not in real life!

Then I positively love making my readers squirm as my characters’ unease turns to fear and fear turns to horror.

I suppose what I’m really saying with all this is that I write horror because I just love putting my characters through hell (does that make me a bad person?). And I get such a buzz when readers tell me how my writing affects them.

DM Cain – author of The Phoenix Project and A Chronicle Of Chaos – had this to say about In Shadows Waiting: WI love a good creepy horror story and this one had me jumping at every noise and shadow.”

Yes! Exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Maybe writing horror is my way of compensating for not being able to pursue my first career choice. My careers teacher at school was having none of it when I said I wanted to be an assassin.

About The Book

in-shadows-waiting-by-stewart-bintTitle: In Shadows Waiting

Author: Stewart Bint

Genre: Paranormal, Horror

Young Simon Reynolds lives a bucolic life at his family home, White Pastures, surrounded by a loving family and a charming community. Simon finishes his A levels and looks forward to unwinding while his sisters work on their tans.

Meanwhile the tiny community of Meriton has been plagued by a spate of burglaries, and White Pastures seems to be next. A shadowy figure stalks the house, but the police can find no signs of an intruder.

Inspired by the author’s real-life experience with the supernatural, In Shadows Waiting recounts a summer that changes the Reynolds’ lives forever. As the summer progresses, the shadows take on an altogether more sinister implication, and White Pastures begins to reveal a terrifying secret.

The epicenter of an event that has scarred an entire community, White Pastures grows more and more dark, possessed by a shadow that yearns, a shadow that will not be denied. At White Pastures, someone will die — but love never will.

Author Bio

Stewart Bint is a novelist, magazine columnist and PR writer. He lives with his wife Sue in Leicestershire in the UK, and has two children, Christopher and Charlotte. As a member of a local barefoot hiking group, when not writing he can often be found hiking barefoot on woodland trails.




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