Book Review: Thursday’s Child: Far to Go by

ThursdaysChild_Cover LargeTitle: Thursday’s Child: Far to Go
Author: Polly Becks
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4,5 stars
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International attorney and human rights advocate Elisa Santiago believes she has life under control—an impressive career, a solid group of friends in Obergrande, and a handsome law partner for hot “car action” when she needs release. Little does she know that her entire world is about to burn down when she discovers that nothing she believes she knows about herself and her past is true. Can the gorgeous former CIA operative, acting as her guide and guard as she returns to Colombia, the land of her birth, looking for answers, set her world on fire in a good way?

THURSDAY’S CHILD: Far to Go is the fifth book in the eight-book series The Extraordinary Days by breakthrough novelist Polly Becks. The first book, No Ordinary Day, tells the tale of an epic tragedy that changes life forever in a small town in the wild, mystic Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, and the mystery surrounding that tragedy.

Purchases of this book provide a direct cash donation to Children International.

 In Thursday’s Child: Far to Go, Elise Santiago is an international attorney and human rights advocate, who believes she has her life under control. Great career, amazing friends, a fling with her handsome law partner… But then she finds out that what she thought she knew about her past, is wrong. In a quest to find out the truth, she leaves for her country of birth, Colombia, and with the help of a handsome CIA operative, she searches for answers.

The story starts off in the middle of action. It’s a fast-paced delight to read. The author knows how to write short, pointed descriptions that make it easy for the reader to picture the scene without distracting from the story. Despite not having read the first books, I could follow along without any issues.

Elise is an interesting main character. I could easily connect with her (and gave her bonus points for being an attorney – I studied at law school, so I felt like we had something in common) and her quest for the truth was slightly heart-breaking. I can’t imagine how tough it must be not to know the truth about your past. But despite that, she went on, not giving up.

We get a detailed description of Colombia as Elise travels through it, so much so that I could actually picture being there. The romance storyline was excellent too.

I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys romantic suspense, and journeys of self-discovery. Great writing and an excellent plot.


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