Book Review The Girl in the Maze

The Girl in the Maze_JacksonTitle: The Girl in the Maze
Author: R.K. Jackson
Genre: Thriller
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and Tana French, R. K. Jackson’s lyrical, twisty psychological thriller debut follows an aspiring journalist as she uncovers dark truths in a seaswept Southern town—aided by a mysterious outcast and pursued by a ruthless killer.

When Martha Covington moves to Amberleen, Georgia, after her release from a psychiatric ward, she thinks her breakdown is behind her. A small town with a rich history, Amberleen feels like a fresh start. Taking a summer internship with the local historical society, Martha is tasked with gathering the stories of the Geechee residents of nearby Shell Heap Island, the descendants of slaves who have lived by their own traditions for the last three hundred years.

As Martha delves into her work, the voices she thought she left behind start whispering again, and she begins to doubt her recovery. When a grisly murder occurs, Martha finds herself at the center of a perfect storm—and she’s the perfect suspect. Without a soul to vouch for her innocence or her sanity, Martha disappears into the wilderness, battling the pull of madness and struggling to piece together a supernatural puzzle of age-old resentments, broken promises, and cold-blooded murder. She finds an unexpected ally in a handsome young man fighting his own battles. With his help, Martha journeys through a terrifying labyrinth—to find the truth and clear her name, if she can survive to tell the tale.

In The Girl in the Maze, after being treated for Schizophrenia, Martha Covington moves to Amberleen, Georgia. A small town but rich in history, her moving there feels like a fresh start. She takes on a summer internship with the local historical society and is tasked with gathering stories of the residents of Shell Heap Island. As she starts work, she starts hearing voices again, and she starts to doubt if she’s truly recovered from her psychotic breakdown. When a grissly murder occurs, Martha is the ideal suspect. On her own, feeling the pull of madness, she’s forced to solve a supernatural puzzle that stretches across many centuries.

Martha is an engaging, three-dimensional character with many issues, but despite that, the reader easily connects with her. I loved the paranormal angle, and how it all came into play, and the question if she was mad, or if the voices were real. A suspenseful book, well-written, and with a beautiful setting rich in history. I thoroughly enjoyed this supernatural thriller, and recommend it to all fans of the genre.


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