Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Romancing Brimstone


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for paranormal romance “Romancing Brimstone”. The tour runs from October 19 to October 26.

Tour Schedule

October 19th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

October 20th: Book Review @ Awesome Book Assessment

October 21st: Author Interview @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

October 23rd: Character Interview @ Pixies Can Read

October 25th: Character Interview @ Books on Fire

October 26th: Author Interview @ Indy Book Fairy

About the Book

Romancing Brimstone - High ResolutionTitle: Romancing Brimstone

Author: Brit McGinnis

Genre: Supernatural Romance

Things aren’t going well for Mika. Engaged to a man she doesn’t love and facing a future she has no interest in, she’s lost and alone. She’s attending the funeral of the only person who ever truly understood her (in the company of her overbearing mother and fussy fiancé, no less!) when she meets the man who will change her life forever.

Except, well… he’s not a man. He’s the Devil. The real-life Devil.

Scary, right? But it turns out the Devil has a choice for Mika. But it’s not an ordinary choice: Become Satan’s bride and rule in Hell amongst the demons and lost souls, or marry Nick and remain in the world of humans. Forget love. This is a chance for the freshest start of all.

Brit McGinnis’ intriguing supernatural romance Romancing Brimstone upends everything you may have wondered about love, commitment, and the world beyond life and death. Mika’s not your average runaway bride. She’s ready for a change of scenery, and Satan himself may be the one to change her heart.

Author Bio

Brit McGinnis is an author based in Portland, Oregon. She writes supernatural romance and occasionally speculative fiction. In her previous life, she was an award-winning journalist and blogger. Her next book Smugglers is due out October 26th and is currently available for pre-order on Smashwords.





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