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About the Book

2_Jimmy_CoverTitle: Jimmy’s Erotic Adventure In Time And Space Continuum (Episode 1)

Author: Perie Wolford

Release date: 11/16/2015

Genre: Gay/SciFi/Romance/Erotica

Length: 100 pages

Synopsis: Jimmy the time-traveler, while trying to solve a time-riddle his late father left for him, gets accidentally flung back in time, to the year 1871, the days of the Wild West, landing squarely in the middle of a valley of death. He stumbles into a pack of gun-toting rustlers, who capture him. To Jimmy’s luck though, the youngest of the rustlers, Kit Fisher, is not like the rest of his folks.

Author Bio

jW3b-pylDjUPerie Wolford is an optioned and produced screenwriter and published author. His first feature-film movie Dark Harvest The Movie was shot in California by Emerging Artist Productions in 2011 and is now in post-production. Perie became a published author in 2014, with his debut novel PRESENCE. Following Presence was book 1 in SAM DORSEY series, which instantly sold over 5,000 copies. In 2015 Perie returned to science fiction with ENCOUNTER, a tribute to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3RD KIND. For more information visit



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