Book Review: One Hundred Days by Mark Morey

cover_medTitle: One Hundred Days

Author: Mark Morey

Genre: Historical Fiction

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

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In 1917, the mud of Flanders soaked up the blood of a quarter of a million men. If the war continued like that, the Allies would lose. One battle turned that around and was the beginning of a hundred days of advances to victory. This is a story about how that was done.

Two Australian soldiers experience the last two years of the Great War. Martin Ward is a lieutenant working alongside Major-General John Monash, and he sees the transition from slaughter at Passchendaele to breaching the Hindenburg Line. Alec Morey is a gunner severely injured in Flanders, and he returns to Australia to watch on in amazement as the Australian Imperial Force plays the major role in victory.

This is a fictional account of a story not well known; using real events, fictional characters and real-life characters to tell the tale of how the Great War was won.

World War One, as gruesome as it is, is also quite fascinating. It shows the darkest side of human, but at the same time shines a beacon of light on the bravest souls the world has ever known. In 1917, with the war already raging for a few years, and no victory for the Allied forces in sight. But one battle turns this around, and is followed by hundred days leading up to victory.

The story is told from the POV of two Australian soldiers. The first is Martin Ward, a lieutenant working alongside the Major-General, and he sees the odds turn in favor of the Allies. The other is Alec Morey, a gunner who gets severely injured in Flanders and has to watch the Australian forces reshape history from back in Australia.

Now, I’m from Belgium, so perhaps that’s one reason for my fascination with World War I. I’ve seen most of the historic landmarks mentioned in this book. I’ve visited Passchendaele more than once, and the atmosphere there can still conjure up pictures of soldiers fighting. The most interesting part for me about One Hundred Days was the historical detail, not just the story but how accurate it is and how accurate the details are.

An amazing story about how war eventually toppled in favor of the Allied forces, and how victory was ensured. If you enjoy fiction set during World War I, then I highly recommend this book to you.


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