Book Tours: Starter Day Party The Newbie and School Spirits


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the tour for paranormal novels “The Newbie” and “School Spirits”. The tour runs from December 17 to January 17. Enjoy!

Tour Schedule

December 17th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

December 21st: Book Review “The Newbie” @ Stormy Night Reviewing

December 22nd: Author Interview and Book Excerpt @ Author C.A. Mislon

December 24th: Book Review “The Newbie” @ Grape Fruit Books

December 28th: Book Review “School Spirits” @ Stormy Night Reviewing

December 30th: Book Review “School Spirits” @ Grape Fruit Books

January 1st: Guest Post @ Cinderella Stories

January 4th: Book Review “The Newbie” @ Bean’s Bookshelf and Coffee Break

January 9th: Promo Post @ Paranormal Romance…And Beyond

January 11th: Book Review “School Spirits” @ Bean’s Bookshelf and Coffee Break

January 13th: Book Review “The Newbie” @ PRATR

January 15th: Book Review “The Newbie” @ Jessica Larsen’s Blog

January 16th: Author Interview and Book Excerpt @ BooksChatter

January 17th: Book Review “School Spirits” @ Jessica Larsen’s Blog

About the Books

The Newbie

the-newbie-a-kyrie-carter-ghost-hunting-adventure-book-1-by-leta-hawkKyrie Carter can’t believe her luck when she wins a spot on a paranormal investigation with celebrity ghost hunter Drac Petery and his heartthrob brother Gabe. As the investigation begins, her main obstacles are her unsupportive teammates and her lack of ghost hunting experience. Her biggest critic is the ruggedly handsome but enigmatic Spook Steele, who takes an instant and intense dislike to the newbie and seems determined to see her fail. However, Kyr soon realizes that her flesh-and-blood rivals are the least of her worries. The investigation takes a dark turn when the team finds evidence of a decades-old murder mystery, and Kyr becomes the victim of the resident spirit’s violent attacks. The discovery of a family connection to the Berkeleys explains the spirit’s malevolence. Will Kyr be able to help the Peterys unravel the mystery and put the Berkeley mansion spirits to rest, or will she become another victim of the house’s tragic history? And will she be able to sort out her romantic feelings for the off-limits Gabe and her growing but unwelcome attraction to Spook Steele?


School Spirits

school-spirits-a-kyrie-carter-paranormal-adventure-book-2-by-leta-hawkIn Book 2 of Leta Hawk’s Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery series, a paranormal investigation on the campus of Willow Lake College leads to the discovery of a decades-old murder mystery. Kyrie Carter is thrilled to accompany her best friend JoEllyn to their alma mater, Willow Lake College, for a ghost hunt with the campus Paranormal Club. She is pleasantly surprised when celebrity ghost hunters Drac and Gabe Petery show up with their team. She is not so pleasantly surprised when her critical former teammate Spook Steele shows up with them. What begins as a routine investigation into campus ghost stories soon turns dangerous as Kyr encounters a malicious spirit in the bell tower of Appleton Hall. Upon further investigation, the team learns that a suspicious fire had claimed the life of a female student in 1958. After Spook becomes a victim of a similar fire in the bell tower while investigating, he and Kyr begin to suspect they are dealing with more than a simple haunting. Kyr and Spook put aside their differences and team up to piece together what happened in the bell tower. The mystery deepens as they discover that everyone—townspeople and campus administrators alike—seem determined to keep the truth hidden about the events of that night.

Author Bio

Leta Hawk has been fascinated with the paranormal since her first encounter with a ghost at four years of age. Her first novel, The Newbie: A Kyrie Carter Ghost Hunting Adventure, was self-published in the summer of 2014, and was re-launched through Booktrope as The Newbie: A Kyrie Carter Paranormal Mystery, Book 1. A writer since high school, she has written in various genres, including poetry, children’s stories, puppet skits, and novels. Leta currently lives in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania with her husband, two sons, and a dog (but no ghosts). When she isn’t writing, she serves as a Scout leader, Sunday school teacher, and Released Time School Coordinator, Song Leader, and Listener, and tries to keep up with her sons’ busy schedules.






The Newbie on Amazon (eBook)

The Newbie on Amazon Amazon (paperback)

School Spirits on Amazon (ebook)

School Spirits on Amazon (paperback) 


  1. Yay! Thank you so much for starting off the party! I can’t wait to get to know some new bloggers and spread the word about Newbie and School Spirits!

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