Book Review: Degrees of Control by Eve Dangerfield

Book coverTitle: Degrees of Control
Author: Eve Dangerfield
Genre: Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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Charlotte Bell is a typical yoga teacher. She’s friendly, earnest and has some slight masochistic tendencies. After a painful break-up she’s determined to address her long-denied kinks with the kind of man she’s always been too terrified to approch. Her friends have select James Hunter a male model turned corporate suit and after a ‘chance’ encounter at a party, James agrees to school Charlie in the harsher side of sex. He knows she’s too genuine, too kind, too everything for a guy like him but he won’t turn down an opportunity to break in a starry-eyed submissive like her. Yet as Charlie and James embark on a strings-free sexual relationship they discover a connection that runs deeper than either of them could have imagined.

Degrees of Control is an engaging, fun romance story. We have Charlotte Bell, a yoga teacher, who is sassy, honest, and has a kinky side she’s spend a lot of time hiding, but doesn’t want to hide them anymore.

The love interest, James Hunter, is a rich executive who doesn’t mind schooling Charlotte (nicknamed Charlie, so I’ll refer to her as that from now on) in the harsher side of sex. And although their erotic play tends to be edgy, the two also form a geuine connection between them that’s deeper than what either of them could’ve thought.

I liked that even though Charlie is submissive in the bedroom, she’s not submissive all the time. She knows how to stand up for herself and what she believes in. And although James is a dom, he does care a lot for Charlie. I find that too often in erotic romance, the submissive tends to have a submissive personality all around, which isn’t always the case in real life, and that the dom tends to be dominant in all aspects of life, which isn’t always true either.

The writing was great, and it was easy to connect to both characters. I enjoyed their romance, and would recommend it to all fans of erotic romance.


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