Book Review Dora’s Jinx

Dora's Jinx EBTitle: Dora’s Jinx
Author: Boom Baumgartner
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Dora Behn might as well have been born invisible. She could wear bright colors and dance the Macarena in the middle of class without so much as a glance. It’s not that she’s antisocial, just no one other than her family seems to even notice she’s there. This would naturally put a damper on her romantic life… If she had one to begin with.
Everything changes on her sixteenth birthday when a talking cat appears and tells her she is a witch. For Dora, nothing could be worse. No one dated crazy cat ladies!
Things go from bad to worse when the other witches’ familiars go missing, including her aunt’s. Dora’s magic may be the only thing that can prevent the total destruction of the sleepy town of Kinderhook. But to save her friends and family, Dora must learn to embrace who and what she is. She just needs to figure out what that means.

In Dora’s Jinx, Dora figures she might’ve been invisible, considering no one else but her family even notices she exists. But on her sixteenth birthday, as if being ignored by just about everyohne isn’t bad enough, she meets a talking cat who tells her she’s a witch. Goodbye normal life, forever. As if she’s not on a rollercoaster of bad luck already, the other witches’ familiars go missing, and Dora’s magic is the only thing that can save down from destruction. But if Dora wants to save the day, she’ll have to accept herself for who she is.

A lovely, fun tale of a girl looking for her true self, and coming to terms who she really is. I loved the magical elements, and how it combined the more traditional view on witches from fairytales and folklore with modern elements. A quick read, too, and fast-paced. Would recommend this to anyone who enjoys YA Fantasy.

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