Book Review: The Real Estate of Things by Nitin Deckha

The+Real+Estate+of+ThingsTitle: The Real Estate of Things
Author: Nitin Deckha
Genre: Literary Fiction
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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The Real Estate of Things is a comedic story about real estate, spirituality and politics in the sprawling, multicultural suburb of West York.

Fifty-­‐something Shaku Sehgal is looking for a new lease of life. With two grown kids and a supportive accountant husband who gardens, she’s followed her best friend, Neelam, into the exciting world of real estate. While she dreams of becoming the premier realtor of West York City, a position currently held by the much envied, Ruth Leslie, Shaku’s languishing at her current brokerage, SuperStar Realty.

To jumpstart her career, Shaku sneaks into a real estate conference and learns about a new redevelopment contest for a local derelict site. Part of the prize is to be an exclusive broker for the chosen new development. Shaku successfully pitches it to her brokerage, teams up with the young up-­‐and-­‐coming realtor, Jason Sevende, and they throw their hat into the contest.

Soon, Shaku and Jason find themselves competing against teams across the city, including Shaku’s friend, Neelam and the doyenne of luxury realty, Ruth Leslie. Not only that, the contest draws the attention of global spiritual guru, Chakra Sahib, and the ire of a seemingly anonymous movement protesting and threatening to derail the whole redevelopment.

Join Shaku, Jason and the band of realtors as they confront obstacles and reflect on the meanings of success, love and friendship in this epic race amongst realtors, The Real Estate of Things.

In The Real Estate of Things, fifty-something Shaku Sehgal wants to make some changes to her life. She follows her best friend, Neelam, into the exciting world of real estate, her dream being to become the premier realtor of West York City. This position is currently owned by Ruth Leslie. Shaku must battle against her in a redevelopment contest for a local derelict site, along with the other realtors.

An inspiring book that focuses on the meaning of success, love and friendship. Shaku is an intriguing protagonist, and the world of realtors is a lot more engaging than I thought it would be. The writing is great, and the book is fast-paced without rushing. I also liked Chakra Sahib – an intriguing person who advocates a whole new way of life.

Recommended to anyone who enjoys literary fiction.

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