Book Review: Aveena: The City of Gold by Destiny Hawkins

Aveena coverTitle: Aveena: The City of Gold
Author: Destiny Hawkins
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Rating: 4 stars
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What’s that light?
On a cold, dark night, Michael saw a light in the sky. At first, he thought it was a shooting star, what he didn’t know was that it was really a princess from another world. Unexpected occurrences left Michael with no memory of the mysterious princess…and in a completely different world, where color didn’t matter and people flew on air boards…Raluza.
King Lavier, King of Raluza, separated his kingdom into four quarters, separating his people by class. By now—five years after he met the princess—Michael was part of an organization of skilled fighters whose objective was to overrun the palace and restore Raluza back to the way it was.
His objective: give his family a new home.
The organization’s order: kill the Princess.

In Aveena: The City of Gold, Michael sees a light in the sky, and thinks it’s a shooting star. Turns out it’s a princess from another world, Aveena, but as if that isn’t thrilling enough, Michael ends up in a completely different world than his own: Raluza. He also has no memory of ever meeting the princess.

Five years pass, and now Michael is part of an organization of skilled fighters who want to overrun the palace, and restore Raluza to the way it was before. This organization orders him to kill the princess.

The author did a good job on the world-building. Raluza was a vibrant, ineresting world, similar to earth yet very different. The characters were interesting, in particular Michael, who went through a lot of character development by the end of the book. The writing was fluent, and fast-paced.

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