Book Review: Her Love & Regrets by Chevelle Allen

Her_Love_and_Regrets_Cover_for_KindleTitle: Her Love and Regrets
Author: Chevelle Allen
Genre: Erotic Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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As CEO of the Remington Foundation, Janine Powell is living her dream and making a difference. But an invitation to join old law school friends on a Belize getaway unleash memories of the man who forever changed how she viewed love, trust and the very meaning of intimacy. Choosing to confront her most intimate past, she agrees to join them knowing Michael Josey will be there.

Their chemistry is undeniable but emotional entanglements make their reunion anything but happily ever after. Janine soon discovers just how Dominant Michael’s become in their years apart as he takes her further into BDSM play. Freeing her mind and body becomes far easier than giving her heart—the one thing he wants most.

In Her Love and Regrets, Janine Powell is living her dream, but that might change when she gets an invitation to join her old law school friends on a holiday to Belize. Michael Josey has signed up too – the man who changed Janine’s entire outlook on love and intimacy. They had a passionate relationship back in college, but things ended badly. Now, the chemistry between them is still undeniable, but past hurts come back to haunt them. Michael has also grown even more dominant over the years, and become more experienced in BDSM play. As the two rekindle their old relationship, Janine has to decide if she’s ready to give her heart.

The book focuses a lot on Janine and Michael’s relationship, how it builds and grows, their trust for one another, and it does an excellent job portraying the world of BDSM, and how it’s more about trust than anything else – and how, without trust, you can’t have a good BDSM relationship. Janine was a very compelling, realistic character. I had more trouble understanding Michael, but eventually I did see why he did the things he did, and what drove him to make certain choices.

The writing flowed really well, and I enjoyed getting to know Janine and Michael, and seeing how their relationship developed and how they struggled to overcome their troubles.

If you enjoy erotic romance with a BDSM twist, I would definitely recommend this book.


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