Book Review: A Falling Friend by Sue Fatherson and Susan Pape

AFF coverTitle: A Falling Friend
Author: Sue Featherstone and Susan Pape
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Age Group: Adult (18+)
Rating: 4 stars
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After spending her twenties sailing the globe, making love on fine white sand, and thinking only of today, Teri Meyer returns to Yorkshire – and to studying. That’s when she discovers John Wilmot, the second Earl of Rochester, and poet of all things depraved. What she doesn’t realise is even beyond his grave, his influence over her is extraordinary. To hell with the consequences.

Having gone out on a limb to get old friend Teri a job at the university at which she teaches, it doesn’t take long for Lee Harper to recognise a pattern. Wherever Teri goes, whatever she does, every selfish choice she makes, it’s all setting her up for a nasty fall. But Teri’s not the sort to heed a warning, so Lee has no choice but to stand by and watch. And besides, she has her own life to straighten out.

A clever, raw and hilarious character-driven masterpiece that follows the lives of two friends with the same ambitions, but who have vastly different ways of a achieving them.

In A Falling Friend, Teri Meyer returns to Yorkshire after spending several years sailing the globe, thinking only of “carpe diem”. Now she’s gone back to studying, and her friend Lee Harper has set her up with a job at the university where she teaches. But Lee fears that Teri’s actions will lead to some dire consequences, but since Teri isn’t the type of person who would heed a warning, Lee can only stand by and watch while her friend’s life spirals toward disaster.

I really enjoyed the British humor throughout this book. I love it when I can tell when a book is set in Britain, or when it’s set in the States just by the way the characters speak and behave, and I could do that here. Teri is an intriguing character, but I liked Lee more. The both of them go through a lot of character development during the course of the book, and by the end, they’re vastly different from the people they were at the start. Teri isn’t a very likeable person, but as a character in a book, she was interesting. Although I often wondered how Lee could put up with her. I did enjoy her obsession with the Earl of Rochester – this was a nice touch that made her more intriguing.

The book relies on characterization more than story, and it does outstanding in that regard. A wonderful read for fans of women’s fiction, and I certainly enjoyed it and look forward to the sequel.

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