Book Review: The Boy Who Spoke To Stars

The Boy Who Spoke to Stars coverTitle: The Boy Who Spoke to Stars
Author: Reuben Miles
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Book 1 of The Astral Strings Series

Secrets. Forgiveness. Death.

Nothing has been right in Kasper’s life for quite some time. Then the eclipse comes, and his father is stolen away. When the police arrive, instead of trying to help, they drag off his mother too. Down at the station later, the desk sergeant claims to know nothing about Kasper’s mum, and insists that the detective who arrested her doesn’t exist.

Loki, Kasper’s cousin, is the only one who really understands him. Her parents promise to keep him safe until his mum and dad return, but soon they are gone as well. There’s no-one for Kasper and Loki to turn to – except Tenrō, a dangerous older boy who knows more than he should, and claims to be a star…

As they set off into the night, they have no way of knowing what they will have to face. The secrets they are about to uncover will change their lives. Their actions will seal the fates of every living thing in the universe.

Somewhere in the dark, the truth is waiting. And the stars are watching.

In The Boy Who Spoke To Stars, Kasper and his family are mourning the death of his older brother. Kasper blames himself for losing his brother, and when they travel out to see a solar eclipse, Kasper’s father disappears and doesn’t return. When the police drag off his mother too, Kasper’s aunt and uncle take care of him and promise to keep him safe. But when Loki’s parents go missing too, Kasper and his cousin, Loki, have no one else to turn to – except Tenro, an older boy who knows things he shouldn’t know and claims to be a star… Kasper and Loki soon have to run for their lives, and have to figure out an ancient mystery tied to the stars, the universe, and the world.

I loved how creative this story was. The pacing was fast, and once I stopped reading, I couldn’t put it down. The author definitely has a lot of creativity, and I never knew what would happen next. Kasper was an interesting character, but I found I could connect easier to Loki, his cousin. I also enjoyed how most of the book featured on the relationship between the two cousins, and you could really feel their bond strengthen as the book progressed.

This was an unique YA novel, and the mystery presented was very engaging and kept me engrossed until the end. Fans of the genre will enjoy this one, and I look forward to the rest of the series.


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