Book Review: St. Matthew’s House by C.P. Murphy

cpmurphy_St_Matthews_HouseTitle: St. Matthew’s House
Author: C.P. Murphy
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Sophia Demitri moved to Greenville to escape her obsessive ex-boyfriend. After renting a house she found through an online classified, she learns that her new home used to be a church.

Frankie Everhart lives his life carelessly until visions of his deceased bride, and a mysterious engagement ring, sends Sophia straight into his arms.

Things are going bump-in-the-night in the St. Matthew’s House and Sophia thinks she’s going insane. Her and Frankie are falling in love….but the St. Matthew’s House has a mind of its own.

To escape her obsessive ex-boyfriend, Sophia Demtiri moves to Greenville. She rents a home, and later on learns that her house, St. Matthew’s House, used to be a church.

Frankie Everhart lived his life carelessly – until visions of his deceased bride and a mysterious engagement ring cause him to meet Sophia. As Sophia and Frankie start falling in love, strange happenings start occuring at St. Matthew’s House, and the house might have other plans.

This might sound a little scary, but St. Matthew’s House is a paranormal romance novella – not a horror novel, so it’s actually not that scary. The story of the ghosts is a tragic one, though, and Sophia is continually being watched by two ghosts, which is admittingly a little freaky. The author did a good job crafting believable characters and an enjoyable, fast-paced plot.

It’s tough to craft full, three-dimensional characters in a novella, but C.P. Murphy pulled it off. I would recommend St. Matthew’s House to anyone who enjoys a solid paranormal romance, or ghost stories.


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