Book Review: The Athena Operation by Dalton Cortner

athenacover (3)Title: The Athena Operation
Author: Dalton Cortner
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
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In a future where wars and poverty are quickly on the rise, the universe has hit its ultimate enemy: itself. Once known for their dedication and loyalty to the good of the universe, the seythra, a strong-willed alien race, have attacked and declared war on the rest of the universe. Now, throwing their immense numbers against the opposition of the Confederate Military, hope is dwindling. Trust between factions, races, and planets are weakening by the moment. What caused the seythra to rebel? Why can they no longer be reasoned with? And most importantly, can anyone stop them in time?

Seraph Aydrian, an infamous soldier one reprimand away from termination, must lead an army of soldiers, mercenaries, and civilians against the seythra assault and not only stop the chaos and destruction, but uncover the dark and sinister motives that are driving the murders.

The Athena Operation is a unique, spellbinding novel that is refreshing yet manages to stay true to the more classic tropes of science fiction. One of the highlights for me was that the story didn’t get too technical – one of the things I often find off-putting about science fiction is getting lost in technical explanations. Here, the story and plot flowed well, and I found any explanations were short and to the point, and easy to understand.

Seraph Aydrian, our main character, is tasked with leading an army of soldiers, mercenaries and civilians against the assault of the seythra – a race of strong-willed aliens that have declared war against the rest of the universe. Because of the large number of seythra and the fragility of trust between factions, races and planets, it will be the toughest battle of Seraph’s career.

I really enjoyed Seraph. He’s not perfect, in fact he has quite a few flaws, but I found him all the more enjoyable because of those flaws. The writing was fast-paced, and the plot held quite a few surprises.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science-fiction, and I look forward to the sequel.

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