Book Review: Dragon Called by Melissa Christopherson

dragoncalledfrontTitle: Dragon Called
Author: Melissa Christopherson
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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Liliana’s life is perfectly normal. A young woman who has grown up in the kingdom of Kalvia, she knows all too well the importance of secrets. As a member of nobility, she is even expected to have a few of her own!

When her parents take her to a ball, Liliana expects her life to go on as normal after it’s conclusion. Instead, she finds herself swept into a betrothal with a man whom all of the whisperers say is crazy.

As the evidence builds up, Liliana must make the choice to stay in a nation where secrets are the currency…or step out of her human-ruled kingdom into a world so much bigger than she ever imagined.

In Dragon Called, Liliana is a young woman, of noble birth, in a world reminiscent of the middle ages. When her parents take her to a ball, she doesn’t expect it will be a life-changing vent: but it is. She’s swept into a betrothal with a man who is believed to be crazy. Liliana must choose between staying in a nation build on lies, or step into the world, which is far bigger than she ever could’ve imagined.

Liliana was a strong, loveable character. She grew up a lot throughout the book, turning from a rather clueless damsel into a strong, capable young woman. The author managed to describe the settings in tremendous detail, making the reader feel as if they’re really there. The world is very vast too, with different kingdoms Liliana gets to explore or hear about, and a bunch of magical creatures that she gets to meet.

A spellbinding blend of fantasy and intrigue. I already look forward to the sequel.


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