Book Tours: Starter Day Party Revenge of the Wolf Two


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for horror / paranormal “Revenge of the Wolf Two”. The tour runs from August 8 to August 22.

Stay tuned for my review on August 12!

Tour Schedule

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August 9th: Book Excerpt @ The Bookworm Lodge

August 9th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ Reader Alley

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August 12th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

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August 16th: Book Excerpt and Author Interview @ Compelling Beasts Blog

August 20th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ Silver Dagger Scriptorium

August 22nd:  Book Review @ The Single Librarian

About the Book

Revenge Of The Wolf 2 Ebook coverTitle: Revenge of the Wolf Two

Author: Skyler Patterson

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Horror


At a young age  a wealthy  young handsome man: Justice Sorrowfell was bitten by a wolf. This left him with the abilities to change his  skin and shift his shape at will into a grievous wolf. Justice shared his secret with no one. Justice had everything a man could want.  Money, wealth and being a son of a 18th century shipping magnate in New York City. Justice is missing  however one important thing, to make his life complete. A LOVE..


A young wealthy angelic woman named Angelica Innocenta is young and beautiful. Angelica  has everything a woman could want too. All except a A LOVE . A man.. Angelica and her beautiful Spaniard girlfriend Selita conjure up scenario after scenario to purposefully court eligible men. Angelica finds no man to her liking until one day Selita tosses (Literally)her into the most handsome man she ever did see! JUSTICE SORROWFELL!


Justice and Angelica begin a glorious romance. They court throughout the city. All is exquisite and utter bliss until tragedy strikes! Whilst both are out and about the city Angelica is murdered by a heinous outlaw! Justice never forgives himself for Angelica’s death. Justice thus far has never felt the need to use his supernatural feral gifts. Never until now!  And when New Yorks police cannot seem to bring Angelica’s killer to the gallows. The man named Justice  Sorrowfell, decides a wolf could sniff this outlaw into the open!  He feasts  on outlaw after outlaw in the form of a four-legged wolf and a werewolf! He becomes a SKIN-CHANGER VIGILANTE This eventually attracts the attention of New York  Police inspectors!


The New York inspector Nolan Noluck and his partner Wilhelm Dogood . Wilhelm Dogood is summoned from England after investigating the Jack The Ripper case abroad! Both men are now  on the case! These two join forces to investigate a strange case of vigilante killings that seem to be the work of a wolf and a man! They begin their hunt for this prolific feral killer. But are they hunting a man or a beast ?!


A trio of shape-shifting tourists enter the city. They join Justice’s wolfpack. Yet they may not want to feed on only the outlaws.. A never ending grief descends upon Justice. Justice seems doomed by grief until he can be caught to face New York ‘s  police form of justice! Justice for the vigilante killings he is alleged  to have committed.. Justice is descending into alcoholism and becoming heathen.. And then one emotional visit to his dearly departed fiance’s gaudy crypt changes. It. all! AN ANGEL LIVES! IN UN-DEATH! And what does she offer him besides her incredible sensual charms? Advice on what to do next: “KILL EVERY OUTLAW IN NEW YORK CITY!” And so the body count rises! The red hot lovemaking continues! And now here we are its REVENGE OF THE WOLF TWO! Justice is kicking his  vengeance into overdrive, whilst finding time to appease his now day -walking fiance’s insatiable desires! The police are closing in and the love birds are planning a wedding! An epic showdown looms in the distance! ALL PEOPLE DO DIE. BUT TRUE LOVE CANNOT BE KILLED. OR CAN IT?! FIND OUT! This is the second book in an epic tale of paranormal, gothic, horror, action,romance!  Revenge Of The Wolf 2  An ebook on Amazon and Barnes&Nobles! And KOBO! Revenge of the wolf One  and Two are both now now on Amazon.(GET REVENGE OF THE WOLF ONE- FREE ON AMAZON KINDLE AUGUST 7Th & 8 th!!!) These ebooks were written by Goodreads author SKYLER PATTERSON!


Author Bio

I am from New York City. I love all things that are of fantasy and fiction. I love the Paranormal and the Gothic and the Romantic tales. Swords& Sorcery. Deep Sea Adventures!  I love horror! Tales of all of those Dreadful, Beautiful, Monsters: Vampires/Werewolves/ Those things that crawl in the night! I am a versatile writer. I write poetry and songs and Young Adult and Adult. Fiction. (LOOK FOR REVENGE OF THE WOLF-ONE- FREE ON AMAZON KINDLE AUGUST 7 AND 8th!!) FIND ME ON GOODREADS AUTHOR PAGE/ AMAZON AUTHOR CENTRAL: (LINK) Https:// I love Goodreads!  I am the author of the ebooks REVENGE OF THE WOLF-ONE&TWO! THE LAST KRAKEN ONE AND TWO/ THE BOOK OF SWORDS-ONE & TWO/ And a new Y.A. E-Book series I am in awe of: coming in Sept 2016: WARPATH OF LOVE –ONE & TWO! FIND ALL MY EBOOKS ON AMAZON KINDLE AND Barnes &Nobes NOOK! Find me in human form , currently touring all of the best Starbucks and coffee houses in NYC whilst writing 1000 words per day! (sometimes more!) AND ALWAYS DO REMEMBER” ENCHANTED BOOK TOURS ROCK!!!



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