Book Review and Giveaway Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

beyond-a-reasonable-doubtTitle: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Author: Sharon Johnson
Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Adult (18+)
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DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America. He is a young, successful lion shifter, surrounded by a large family and his devoted lover. By anyone’s account, he has more than any one man can ask for, but his lion cares of nothing except finding their mate.

An unexpected business trip pits DeMatteo and his long awaited mate on opposite sides of the courtroom. But when challenged by ex-lovers, nosy siblings, and crazy hunters, DeMatteo realizes that finding his mate was the easy part. The real question is whether they will live long enough to be together.

This release is an M/M paranormal shifter romance. This series will contain graphic violence, graphic language, and Mpreg. What it will not be is an instant mate fairytale, as forces set out to destroy everything and everyone.

DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America. He’s young and successful, has a large family, and a devoted lover, but his lion side is worried with finding his perfect mate. When he finds his mate on opposite sides of the courtroom, it’s like a dream come true. He’s finally found his mate! But when ex-lovers, siblings, hunters, all come into play, he realizes finding his mate was the easy part: living long enough to be together is the tough part.

I enjoyed the whole lawyer/attorney angle. DeMatteo is a divorce lawyer, and his mate Sean turns out to be a lawyer too. Being a lawyer too, I thought this was very intriguing, and I loved the whole side of it. Lawyers don’t usually work well as couples, but they did so here. Sean and DeMatteo are very intriguing.

The plot is rollercoaster-fast, and a few of the twists took me by surprise. I can’t wait to read the second book.


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