Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Mrs. Fields’ Journal


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for horror “Mrs. Fields’ Journal”. The tour runs from October 3 to October 10. Enjoy the tour!

Tour Schedule

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About the Book

51q4dxqw1hlTitle: Mrs. Fields’ Journal

Author: Charles Campbell

Genre: Horror

It was 1987 and children were disappearing in Millen, GA. Eleven year olds, Reggie Murphy and Tonya Benson, were a couple that seemed destined to be together forever until tragedy in the form of Agnes Fields interfered with their destiny. Twenty five years later, as Agnes lay dying in her hospital bed she pointed to an old, tattered leather bag. The young nurse got more than she bargained for when all was revealed in Mrs. Fields’ Journal.

Author Bio

Charles CampbellMy name is Charles Campbell and I live in North Augusta, SC with my lovely wife, Amy and two children, Brooke and Seth. I had a real passion for writing way, way, way back in high school and actually wrote a novel entitled, The Burning Light. It never saw the light of day outside of a few friends and an Economics teacher. The itch hit me in a real way earlier this year and I put fingers to keyboard and finished Black Tears back in March of 2014. That was a great practice run.

So, four self-published books later, I continue to write. I think I have gotten better with every book in my story telling. That’s the most important thing to me; telling a compelling story – a story that keeps you turning the page. A story that is hard to put down. That is what I continue to strive for. And, I believe that is what I have in my latest novel, Cinnamon Tea. The early Amazon and Goodreads reviews are mostly positive.

Mrs. Fields’ Journal has been the one most people point to and say, “Man, that was a great story. It really should be a movie.” And while that makes me feel really good, the feedback I received and continue to receive for Just Breathe is a bit more mixed. Ranging from, “This is the best thing you’ve written” to “I don’t really get it.” The funny thing is I understand both points of view because it is a head-trip of a story but that’s what made it my favorite…that was, until this one cropped up in my head.

Cinnamon Tea is pretty linear, so there isn’t a ton of characters. Nor are there a lot of back jumps (there are some, but none as drastic as the jumps between the fifties and the eighties that you find in Just Breathe. I’ll continue to write as long as I have folks that want to read my words. All I can say is Thank YOU for the continued support.





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