Book Review: ‘Til The Last Snowflake Falls (The Adventures of Fawn Book One)

book-1-book-coverTitle: ‘Til The Last Snowflake Falls (The Adventures of Fawn Book One)
Author: Al E. Boy
Genre: Fantasy, Children’s Books
Age Group: Children
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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The Adventures of Fawn is a ‘coming of age’ series set in the magical world of Santa’s North Pole! The year is 1849, and legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen have a young daughter, Fawn. In this first book, ‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls’ the young reindeer spends far too many days alone in the stable at Santa’s Village with no friends and nothing to do. While her parents caution her she’s much too young and inexperienced to go exploring outside Santa’s Village by herself, Fawn disagrees. Declaring, “I want some fun and excitement! I don’t care how dangerous it is!” she begins sneaking out each day in search of friends, excitement and adventure. She’ll find them all…but also find herself facing dangers like a fierce hungry wolf, a freezing North Pole blizzard, and the treachery of a sea captain capturing animals of the arctic to sell to a zoo in New York City. Along the way, she’ll also learn some valuable lessons about what’s really important in life. The Adventures of Fawn are filled with fun and excitement for all ages!

I was hooked when I read the synopsis that said the story is set on the North Pole. Fawn is the main character (hence the series title), and she’s a reindeer – the daughter of Comet and Vixen, the famous reindeers of Santa, to be precise. She spends most her time alone in the stables at Santa’s Village, and she’s dreadfully bored. Although her parents warn her she’s too young to go out exploring on her own, Fawn sneaks out anyway, eager to meet some new friends and participate in some fun adventures. But she finds more than just adventures outside Santa’s Village – she also finds danger, and unexpected surprises.
I loved the cast of colorful characters that Fawn got to meet during her adventures. The key element of the story is friendship, and some of the messages Fawn gets taught during the course of the book are very inspiring.
A fun book that children will enjoy, and that sets everyone in the mood for the holiday season.


  1. John McNeil/Al E. Boy says

    Hi Majanka,
    Please forgive me…if this is irregular…I do apologize. I contacted Amazon about the posts, and they explained that any series is ‘automatically linked’ together. One must approach them and have them manually ‘detach’ theme…or the problem that occurred with your posts is unavoidable. They have detached my books now. To that end….the wonderful post you wrote for Book 1–’Til the Last Snowflake Falls…is not there anymore. I realize this may be a huge imposition, and I’d be willing to pay you for your time and trouble, if you could find a way to re-post.
    Again…my sincere apologies for bothering you.
    Best Wishes!!
    Al E. Boy

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