Book Review: The Butcher’s Daugther by Mark M. McMillin

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00007]Title: The Butcher’s Daughter
Author: Mark M. McMillin
Genre: Historical Fiction
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 5 stars
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In an age ruled by iron men, in a world of new discovery and Spanish gold, a young Irishwoman named Mary rises from the ashes of her broken childhood with ships and men-at-arms under her command.  She and her loyal crew prowl the Caribbean and prosper in the New World for a time until the ugly past Mary has fled from in the old one finds her.

Across the great ocean to the east, war is coming. The King of Spain is assembling the most powerful armada the world has ever seen – an enormous beast – to invade England and depose the Protestant “heretic queen.” To have any chance against the wealth and might of Spain, England will need every warship, she will need every able captain. To this purpose, Queen Elizabeth spares Mary from the headman’s axe for past sins in exchange for her loyalty, her ships and men.

Based on true historical events, this is an epic story about war, adventure, love and betrayal. This is a timeless story about vengeance. This is a tale of heartbreak…

I must admit that I know little of ships or life at sea,  so I’m not sure how accurate this is described in The Butcher’s Daughter, but it does sound pretty realistic.In any case, this is an entertaining read that offers a strong plot and remarkable characters.

Mary, our main character, is captain of her very own ship, prowling the Caribbean, prospering in the New World. But when the past catches up with her, and Queen Elizabeth decides to save her life, it’s only for one purpose: so she can help Queen Elizabeth win the war at sea, the war against Spain and the most powerful armada the world has ever seen.

I do know a little about the era the book takes place in, and as far as I know, most of the events are pretty accurate. Even though staying true to what happened in reality, the book also spins an intriguing story. The characters are quite realistic, in particular Mary. The writing is rich and flows well, and the author has no issues transporting the reader back in time and making them part of the story.

Historical fiction fans will devour this book. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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