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14686383_906832842782590_607923247_nCIA agent David Conway is awakened suddenly by his pager. His grandfather, retired General Robert Conway, needed to meet with him. Events quickly elevate at a frantic pace as David and his partner Brian Wheeler secretly look into the mysterious past of the charismatic and handsome German candidate, Christof Melzer, who is the top contender for the next Chancellor of Germany. However, Robert Conway sees some alarming similarities to Melzer and the long dead dictator of the Third Reich, Adolph Hitler . Unknown to the agents, there is a secret organization called ‘The Black Order’ who will stop at nothing from keeping the men from potentially uncovering the truth. This high stake deadly mission will take agents Conway and Wheeler to three continents until discovering Melzer’s secret—a secret that may start World War III and drag the world closer to Armageddon.

Author Bio

Simon French was born in Wallingford, England May 29, 1961 to Joan and Peter Michael French. The oldest of three boys, they came over on the ship called the Queen Elizabeth to the United States when he was six years old.
Simon has always loved reading and writing and has always strived to write novels, but something always held him back. He recounts how one day his son asked him what it was he truly wanted to do and told him it was to write. His son said, “Then do it, there is nothing stopping you except yourself.” Simon sat down and started to write his first novel, and is proud to present to the reading world, ‘The Aryan Secret.’

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