Book Review: The Protector Bug: The Tryouts by Jason Reid

unnamedTitle: The Protector Bug: The Tryouts
Author: Jason Reid
Genre: Children’s Books
Age Group: Children
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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“This amazing new addition to The Protector Bug series not only has new illustrations, but a fun new adventure for children of all ages to enjoy. In “The Tryouts” two best friends Sheldon, the ant, and Jared ,the mosquito, overcome challenges as they are both on their own journeys to becoming the newest Protector Bugs. The wonderfully illustrated children’s book is full of adventure and great moral lessons of overcoming self-doubt and helping those in need. The unexpected surprises of these two best friends will keep you and your children on your toes and wanting to read more!”

The Protector Bug: The Tryouts is the second installment in the Protector Bugs series. Without having read book one, it’s still very easy to follow, though. It’s a perfect book for kids with wonderful illustrations and a cute storyline.

Sheldon, an ant, and Jared, a mosquito are trying out to become “Protector Bugs”. During the tryouts, they have to overcome challenges, which bring their own specific troubles for each of them. The focus is on overcoming self-doubt, and it’s a beautiful message. There’s also a focus on friendship, helping others, and working together.

The illustrations were wonderful, and very colorful too. Kids will love this book.

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