Book Review The Lizard Queen Volume Two

lq_v2_coverTitle: The Lizard Queen VOlume Two
Author: H.L. Cherryholmes
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
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300 years ago, in a nameless world, a prophecy passed unfulfilled. A secret society that formed to prevent its occurrence believed it was their doing, while the secret society created to ensure that the prophecy came to pass wasn’t certain it had been stopped at all. Eventually, the prophecy of Lacáruna, a female from another realm and the only being who can read the Lizard Queen’s language, fell into legend.  What no one realizes, however, is that Amy Darlidale is just a tad late.


It’s becoming increasingly clear that an all-out war is being waged by opposing factions—the Arañalianza, bent on making certain that the prophecy is never brought to pass, and the Trotéjo, sworn to make certain it does. Although Amy has passed tests of wits and endurance far beyond what she thought possible, she struggles for insight into the role she is presumably intended to play in this world. But nothing in her imagination can prepare her for coming face to face with the greatest nemesis of all.


Jolted by the sacrifices her protectors have had to make, Amy forges ahead while new relationships surface and new truths are revealed. As it becomes less clear who to trust, the group has no choice but to seek out the help of another Trotéjo comrade in order to find the remaining Extiguos. Amy understands that achieving her goal to fulfill the Promise of a New Morphósis is going to be more difficult—because now it seems she’s not the only one of the Most Wanted List.


Forced to rely on her own instincts, along with the limited knowledge she’s gained of this world in her quest, Amy must find a way to acquire the remaining three Extiguos to piece together the prophecy and reunite her team of protectors. Despite feeling constrained in her ability to combat otherworldly forces she cannot comprehend, she must now overcome a foe that poses an unimaginably sinister threat. But before she can push forward toward her destiny she must first reclaim what she left behind.

The Lizard Queen Volume Two picks up where the first volume left off, and once again, transports the reader back to an imaginary world that is vast and intriguing, and rich in lore and history. The language used is reminiscent of Spanish, which I studied for about two years as a hobby now about a decade ago – nevertheless, some of the words sounded vaguely familiar, and I enjoyed that familiarity. It made it easier to remember what was what, how to pronounce the words, and so on.

Amy has grown a lot compared to the start of the series. Her role in the fate of this world grows clearer, but at the same time stays covered in mystery.

Once again, this volume exists of three books. You Are The Dream, the fourth book in the series, puts Amy between two warring factions as she struggles to find out what she’s meant to do, what her role is. In A Wedge Between, as the title suggests, it grows increasingly tougher for Amy to figure out who she can trust and who she can’t. Meanwhile, Amy and her friends are still on the quest to find the Extiguos and piece together the prophecy, but the story grows increasingly darker and the enemies increasingly stronger, until this culminates in Amy having to battle a terrifying foe in Furious Angels, the last part of this volume.

The story is amazing, and at times, even breathtaking. The Amy we now encounter is vastly different from the Amy we met at the start, and although she’s still struggling, she has changed a lot. The world grows vaster and larger, and the threat goes increasingly stronger. The pacing is faster than in volume one, and we’re thrown into the action almost right away.

This is a strong fantasy series with memorable characters and excellent writing, and I look forward to reading the third volume.

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