Book Review: The Travelers by K.L. Kranes

travelers-cover-finalTitle: The Travelers
Author: K.L. Kranes
Genre: YA Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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Dagny lives a dangerous life. Pursued by an unknown enemy, Dagny and her family are always on the run and must use magic to stay hidden and safe. When Dagny meets Marc, everything changes. For the first time, she can imagine a future that doesn’t involve constantly changing her life. Despite the risk, Dagny vows to stop running. But as their enemies start closing in, Dagny wonders if she can ever really live a normal life and if she can actually trust Marc.

In The Travelers, protagonist Dagny lives a dangerous life. Dagny and her family are always on the run, using magic to stay safe and “travel” from one body to another, in an attempt to escape the enemy who is always just one step behind them. But then Dagny meets Marc, and dares to imagine a future: a future where she’s no longer running, where she’s living a normal life.

When her enemies start closing in, Dagny starts to wonder if she can ever have a normal life…and if she can really trust the boy she’s fallen in love with.

The writing was excellent, and Dagny and her family behaved very realistically, almost like real people. I particularly liked Dagny, but all the characters had something to offer, and brought an unique perspective to the table. The story unfolded nicely, one clue at a time, and kept me thoroughly entertained until the end.

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