Book Review: Futuring the Future by Michael F. Kaufmann

51c5juvdk7lTitle: Futuring the Future

Author: Michael F. Kaufman

Genre: Nonfiction

Rating: 3,5

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How will the future look like?

How does science, technology and human society look like when they are exhausting their full potential? An unexpected encounter changes the face of humanity and its destiny.

A smart, innovating and rewarding novel that will challenge your mind.

Futuring the future is an original masterpiece, which goes beyond traditional genre conformities. It brings together fiction and non-fiction to weave an illuminating text that is packed with information and loaded with inspiring novel and mind-blowing ideas.

A rich cultural treasure that belongs in every intellectuals’ home.

Futuring the future offers a profound and multidisciplinary look at the future – from scientific breakthroughs, through linguistic innovations, and all the way to a future mathematical gateway connecting reality to the virtual world. An interdisciplinary analysis based on a decade of research and sprinkled with nuanced humor, this is a book you will not forget.

Prepare to open your mind and stretch your imagination!

Futuring the Future is an interesting book, about how technology and science will shape society in the future. It’s an interesting perspective, and it does bring together fiction and nonfiction, as the synopsis suggests, giving a genre-bending look on the future of our world’s tomorrow.

The writing style is very different from the norm, though, and it takes a while to get used to. It confused me at first, but once I got the hang of it, I did enjoy the book. While the writing itself is quite simple, it talks about many in-depth, difficult topics, some very thorough yet complicated questions, and it kept me – at least intellectually – on my toes to try come up with some answers myself.

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