Bookish Resolutions Reading Challenge


The Bookish Resolutions Reading Challenge is a new challenge I’m participating in this year. For this challenge, you have to set some resolutions for 2017, and then track your progress on completing these goals. There are three categories of goals, and you have to set a minimum number of subgoals in each category.

You can find out more about the challenge, or sign up to participate on Trips Down Imagination Road.

My 2017 resolutions are:

Reading Goals

  • Maintain a Netgalley ratio of at least 90%
  • Complete my Goodreads reading goal
  • Read at least 20 paperback review copies that I received prior to this year

Blogging Goals

  • Keep track of my reviews on I Heart Yearly Reads, my review index on I Heart Reading, and add the covers on my Facebook page, for each month
  • Send out a weekly newsletter every Monday
  • Have at least 5 scheduled posts for the next month by the end of the previous month
  • Comment on 5 blogs a day (Monday-Friday)
  • Blog at least once a week on my author blog

Writing Goals

  • Finish at least 3 writing projects
  • Write down monthly and weekly writing goals
  • Contribute to an anthology
  • Edit at least 3 projects
  • Publish my Snoebels, Cat Detective Series (at least 3 books)

Personal Goals

  • Exercise 3 times a week
  • Draw at least once every two weeks
  • Do more creative projects


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