Month in Review: March 2017

In this meme, I talk about what I’ve been upto in the past month.
March was a busy month for me, but I like keeping busy. I did take some time off work, and had the flu for a few days (which I spent mostly playing the Sims 4). I did manage to review 17 books in March.

  1. Tribulations by Faith Hunter
  2. Lalin Bonheur by Margaret O. Howard
  3. Are You There, Krishna? by Rachel Khona
  4. No Quarter: Wenches (Volume 1) by MJL Evans and GM O’Connor
  5. The Fairytale Chicago of Francesca Finnegan by Steve Wiley
  6. Legacy by Hannah Fielding
  7. Pork Pies by Judy Nichols
  8. Venus and Lysander by Yoshiyuki Ly
  9. Solomon’s Bell by Michelle Lowery Combs
  10. International Business Language by Tami Lancut Leibovitz
  11. Thirty Shades of Happiness by Haim Ben Hai
  12. Raking Light from Ashes by Relli Robinson
  13. The Big Jump by Shmuel Cohavy
  14. In The Prison of Our Grief by S.E. Amadis
  15. Blood Rain by Nancy Gray
  16. Someone to Stay by B.M. Sandy
  17. Vision: Seeing is Achieving by Allan Sealy

I also hosted a bunch of starter day parties this month.

We hosted several release blitzes and a cover reveal.

A few spotlights, excerpts, interviews and guest posts.



  1. Wow, you were busy. I wish I could review 17 books a month. Happy April!

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