Book Review: Grandpa Bernie’s Bedtime Stories

Title: Grandpa Bernie’s Bedtime Stories
Author: Bernard Ditchik
Genre: Children’s Books
Age Group: Children
Rating: 4 stars
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These delightful tales are sure to help your little ones settle down and drift contentedly off to sleep.  Written by a grandfather for his own kids and grandchildren, these eighteen entertaining stories feature lots of talking animals, including a kangaroo who teaches a pony how to jump, a little bear who wants to play baseball, a coyote who learns to fly, a magic balloon that takes a little girl all the way to Japan and back, and some resourceful ants who build a swimming pool so they can play as well as work.  It’s full of positive images and plots that inspire creative solutions to various challenges.  A lovely read-aloud adventure the whole family will enjoy!

Grandpa Bernie’s Bedtime Stories is a wonderful storybook, written by ‘grandpa’ Bernard Ditchik, featuring eighteen bedtime sotries for kids. The stories are short, so that the kids won’t get bored. The book itself is almost a work of art all on its own, with a colorful background and cute illustrations to accompany the chapter titles.

The stories are kids appropriate, and a lot of them feature talking animals. I remember some of my favorite stories as a kid did have talking animals in the main roles, so that’s sure to be a hit with kids. The book also has some wonderful messages for friends, about relationships, friendship, and so on, but the message doesn’t overpower the story – ultimately, the story is most important.

I’m pretty sure children will love this collection of stories. Since it has eighteen different stories, by the time you get to the end, the little ones will be excited to hear the first story again!

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