Book Review: Blood on the Ground by Paul Usiskin

Title: Blood on the Ground
Author: Paul Usiskin
Genre: Thriller, Suspense
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Murder and a dangerous love affair across the Israel-Palestine divide

Israel Police investigator Dov Chizzik, a decorated war hero and ‘Super Cop’, is promoted to head TPI – Techno Pornography Investigations – fighting Internet porn. Caught in a honey trap set by the anonymous Porn King, his career and marriage are destroyed. Down and out, living in his car, Dov is offered a solo political investigation that will open unexpected doors and introduce him to a new and dangerous love affair.

A romantic thriller based on real events

Dov is offered a way back to the police if he lends his name to a false report about the deaths that took place during the October 2000. At the crime scene, he falls for Lana, a bright Palestinian student who faces the threat of honor-killing by her family because of their love affair. She has witnessed murders he is asked to cover-up. Will he risk his career for his truth?

The unknown truths about the place we think we know

From a small Palestinian village in the Galilee to the Criminal Court in The Hague, through a rape investigation at a university and another dark offer by the Justice Ministry, Blood On The Ground weaves political realities in the Middle East into a gripping drama that will grab you from the very first page.

Blood on the Ground focuses on the conflict between the Israel-Palestine divide, and the consequences this has for people living within or just outside of those borders. Dov Chizzik, a decorated war hero and police investigator, is promoted to head of the Techno Pornography Investigations, fighting internet porn. When he’s caught in a honey trap by the anonymous Porn King, he loses his career and marriage.

Now he’s living in his car, and redemption comes in the form of a solo political investigation that will offer him a new chance. He’s asked to cover up several murders, but at the crime scene meets and falls in love with Lana, a bright Palestinian student who falls in love with him too. However, if their affair is exposed, she faces the threat of an honor killing by her family.

Blood on the Ground was an amazing read. You have the murders Dov is trying to solve, but there’s also the geopolitical backdrop, the conflict between Israel and Palestinia, the culture clash between both, the dangerous love affair he has with Lana. I found the political struggles and cultural issues almost more interesting than the murders.

Fans of high-risk thrillers with intriguing protagonists will love this book.

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