Book Review: Deathly Unloved by Annee Cooper

Title: Deathly Unloved
Author: Annee Cooper
Genre: YA LGBT paranormal romance
Rating: 4 stars
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Being raised as a nephilim has its drawbacks when you’re only quarter angel. Now it’s getting dangerous.

Rune’s always known about the angel blood that runs through her veins. A gift—or a curse—from her halfling mother. She thinks she knows who she is. She’s wrong. After a kiss with a stranger completes a sacred ritual, she’s forced to accept the other side of her heritage. And the lust for souls that comes with it. Now this gorgeous seductress is on a hunt to find others like her and discover the truth about her past. But with her hunger growing insatiable, does she have more to worry about than making friends?


   Rune has angel blood running through her veins. It’s a gift, or a curse depending on your point of view, from her halfling mother. Rune thinks she knows who she is, but she doesn’t know the secret side of her heritage until a kiss with a stranger completed a sacred ritual. Now she’s on the hunt to find others like her, and discover the truth about her past and who she truly is.

Rune is amazing, and I love how she’s not half angel (which you see quite often) but only one fourth angel, and her other heritage is equally as interesting. I don’t often read LGBT books for young adults, not by choice but because the majority of the books out there for the YA audience isn’t LGBT.  I enjoyed reading this kind of book, in particular how while it features this theme it also has a solid background story and excellent worldbuilding.

I would recommend this book to all YA fans who also love fantasy.

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