Book Review: For Love and Fear by L.D Carson

Title: For Love and Fear
Author: L.D. Carson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Welcome to Pathoca, a land whose gods and magic rule over the realm of emotions and thought. But don’t be fooled, the mortals are not the only ones susceptible to their pathos.

After a brutal war destroyed everything he held dear, the god of fear has disappeared into hiding. But the persistence of one mortal may be the key to bringing him back to power. Are they both willing to make the sacrifices it will take?


In Pathoca, gods and magic rule of the realm of emotions and thoughts, but they’re not immune to either of those. The god of fear has gone into hiding after a brutal war destroyed everything he’s once loved. But one mortal’s persistence may be the key to bringing him back in power, if they’re both willing to sacrifice everything.

The god of fear, Frykstra, never expected anyone would be willing to serve him again. But one faithful night, he meets Bakrin, and she’s willing to become his worshiper. In fact, she insists on it. The two of them form an unlikely match, but it’s intriguing to see the relationship between them develop. Frykstra is cold and detached at first, but he gradually warms up to her.

The writing was solid, and the pacing very fast. The book was just slightly over 100 pages but a fast read I could easily finish in one sitting. The world-building was interesting, with the gods and myths, and the characterization worked well too. Recommended to fans of paranormal romance.

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