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Title: Touched by the Wolf

Series: Dark Blood, Book 1

Author: R. Murray

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: Haley Allison/Spellbound Covers

Release Date: June 30, 2017

Romance Genre(s): Paranormal

pages: 158

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Author Interview

  • Can you tell us a little about Touched by the Wolf?


Touched by the Wolf is the first book in the Dark Blood trilogy, it sets up the story and introduces us to the characters that will be playing a huge part in the bigger picture. I don’t want to say too much about it because I always give things away. But there is a huge unique twist in the story and a good few show downs between vampires and werewolves. Oh, and some good old fashioned romance.

  • Where did the inspiration for this story come from?


The inspiration for Touched by the Wolf actually came from a character I use to write on Twitter when I was part of a role play group. Emilie is the main female in the book, and I have had her in my head for about four years now. I originally started writing an historical fiction, but after struggling with it I took Emilie and her sister Melaina and placed them in the paranormal world of witches, vampires and werewolves and never looked back. I admit I did not really have a solid idea where I was going with the story to start with until about three chapters in and it just clicked. The rest is history, as they say.


  • How long have you been writing?


I have been writing most of my life. As a kid I use to write fanfictions and even posted a few on a site. I then joined a role play group on twitter that I was part of for two years and wrote many different characters. I have also dabbled in poetry, though that has taken a back seat lately. I do hope to return to it one day.

  • What do you love most about writing paranormal romance?

The fact that there are no rules. The world that you can create can be whatever you want it to be, and the characters can be whatever you want them to be. I just love the escape from reality you can find when reading and writing paranormal romance.

  • What was the hardest part about writing this book?

I wanted my characters to be unique and their names unique. All of the wolves and vampires I actually spent a lot of time looking up old Latin names, and finding out their meanings. I think in the next book I will go through each name and write their meanings for the readers.

  • How long did it take to write the book from start to finish?


From start to finish, once I had settled on paranormal, it took me about two months to get it to now.

  • What is your writing routine? Are there things you absolutely have to do before you sit down and write?

Not really. I don’t really have a routine. I need to make sure I have a cup of tea and lots of treats but apart from that I don’t do much else. I work full time in the week and it is shift work, so I write as and when I can, mainly at the weekend.

  • Can you tell us about your editing process?

I have an incredible editor who is also a very good friend. She edits and proof reads for me then sends it back and I go through it all, adding a few bits here and there, taking some things out. Though once she was done with it there was not much to change. I am lucky she gets me and made it very easy to change.

  • If you could meet three authors, dead or alive, who would they be?

Wow what a tough question.  I think they would have to be:

J.K Rowling because I am such a Harry potter geek.

Stephen King just because his writing is so in depth and so amazingly vivid I would want to learn so much from him.

Robert Louis Stevenson because Treasure Island is my favourite childhood book. I love pirates and I do plan to write a pirate/paranormal series soon.

  • What’re you working on at the moment? Any new novels in the pipeline?

I am just about to start writing book two of the Dark Blood trilogy. I can’t wait to get back to these characters. Maccon the Black Wolf especially has been very vocal of late, he has a lot to say.

About the Book


How far would you go for immortality?

It has been a century since the wolves of the Silent Walkers waged war against the vampires of the Lamia for the Dark Blood of Immortality they possess.

As the battle lines are drawn once again, it will be up to the White Witch Emilie to use all in her power to bewitch the youngest of the wolves, Maccon.

To gain his trust.

To seduce him.

To bend him to her will.

To stop the impending war.

Touched by the Wolf is the debut novel from R. Murray and the first in the Dark Blood series.

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About R. Murray

Rebecca is a London girl currently living in New Zealand. During the week, she can be found wrangling dogs and cuddling puppies as Dog Day Care Supervisor at a day care centre in Auckland. At the weekend, she transports herself to a world of vampires, witches and werewolves as well as dabbling in some poetry.

Touched by the Wolf is the first novella in the Dark Blood series, and the debut release from R. Murray, though her mind is a web of many more paranormal adventures. When not writing or playing with dogs, she can be found at the beautiful New Zealand beaches soaking up the sun, socializing with friends, or with her head in a good book.

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