Book Review: A Trap in Paris by Uzi Eilam

Title: A Trap in Paris
Author: Uzi Eilam
Genre: Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Gideon Ben Ari wants to settle down, but Israel’s military won’t let him do it

Having achieved an impressive career in Israel’s armed service and years of successful civilian business activity, Dr. Gideon Ben Ari yearns to settle down to a tranquil life. But then he is recruited to rejoin the defense forces and once again direct his efforts to fighting international terror organizations.

Pitted against Iranian terrorists, can Gideon navigate an espionage battlefield in Paris?

Paris is his new battlefield, and blocking Iranian efforts to develop long range missiles and nuclear weapons is his mission. Gideon will have to make good use of his experience, his wisdom, and his friends to block an invisible and sinister enemy. He will discover that a person he once regarded as a friend has actually become a foe.

Read this stunning, realistic thriller at the edge of your seat!

A Trap in Paris is an authentic, breathtaking thriller that reads as if it were taken from media headlines. Its vital and vibrant plot is an espionage mystery all rolled together with a quick-paced intelligence narrative, replete with intrigue and traitors.

More books in this series: In The California Triangle, Gideon finds himself involved in an American espionage affair which includes the FBI, Mossad and groups interested in overturning the Iranian government. Singapore Under Attack finds Gideon trapped in the capital during a cyber attack, the magnitude of which the world has not yet experienced. He joins the struggle.

A Trap in Paris was a chilling, exciting thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. Dr. Gideon Ben Ari, the main character, yearns to settle down. After having an impressive career in Israel’s armed service, he’s worn out, and he just wants to live a quiet life. Unfortunately, that’s not about to happen anytime soon as he’s recrutied to rejoin the defense forces, and fight against international terror organizations.
Pitted against Iranian terrorists in Paris, Gideon will have to use all his wits, experience, and his friends to stop their enemy. But what when it turns out the people he trusted might be involved too? Who can he trust when danger lurks everywhere?
Fans of thrillers and espionage will definitely enjoy this book. The plot is fast-paced, thrilling, and full of twists and turns, and has an authentic feel to it despite being fiction.

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