Book Review: Sleep my Valley by Ruth Netzer

Title: Sleep My Valley
Author: Ruth Netzer
Genre: Historical, Literary Fiction, Biographical
Rating: 4,5 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Ruth is alone and desolate as her world falls apart

A lonely child on an Israeli kibbutz, Ruth watches painfully as her family falls apart. Her mother struggles with haunting memories of her troubled youth; her father succumbs to depression. When she is 15 her parents divorce and leave the kibbutz. Desolation follows Ruth to her new home.

Join Ruth as she struggles with the demons of her family’s secrets

Ruth must get to the bottom of her family’s harrowing story. Her lonely search for understanding becomes filled with poetry, literature, and dreams. Ruth looks deep within herself and creates a personal dialogue with God. She struggles for the strength to grapple with her parents’ demons, lest they become her own.

Courage, strength, spirituality, and healing in this moving family saga

Through haunting narrative and diary entries, join Ruth as she triumphs in her spiritual quest to come to terms with her family’s history. Share in the process of family analysis, as Ruth confronts her parents in their old age, eventually leading to repair and reconciliation.

In Sleep My Valley, Ruth feels extremely lonely as she watches her family fall apart. Her father is depressed, her mother is struggling with the memories of a troubled childhood.

Determined to get to the bottom of her family’s story, Ruth goes on a search for the truth, and on a search for her own inner strength on a spiritual journey to come to terms with her family’s history.

This book is haunting and mesmerizing, and I couldn’t put it down. Ruth’s story is beautiful and at times heartbreaking, but also very powerful. Not exactly the kind of book you should pick up if you just want to enjoy a quick and easy read, but one that has a powerful message that deserves to be shared.

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