Book Review: You Deserve Better: Success in Real-Life Negotiations

Title: You Deserve Better: Success in Real-Life Negotiations
Author: Yossi Maaravi
Genre: Non-Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What if you could always get people to do things your way?

You Deserve Better will teach you specific strategies and tactics designed to improve your negotiation and persuasion skills. Contrary to popular belief, intuition and life experience are not enough. Academic studies have shown that concrete knowledge from behavioral and social science can be brought to bear as you learn how to persuade and negotiate better.

Sounds great! But can anybody learn these methods?

Written in a fluent and accessible style, this book addresses the general public and aims to help everyone. It is rich in instructive negotiation scenarios, with which anybody can identify: employees with their employers and colleagues; parents with young children about hours of television permitted and with teenagers about curfews; partners about sharing housework and raising children; businessmen with customers, investors, suppliers and partners; politicians with friends and foes alike.

You Deserve Better is packed with “take-away” power!

As editor, Tami Chapnick, remarked after completing the editing process, “I find myself using at least one of the tools that I learned from this book every week.” The insights and useful strategies that it demonstrates will remain with you long after you have finished reading.

As a lawyer, I’m often confronted with discussions and negotiations, and it’s a real skill to be able to determine when you have to apply which skillset in order to obtain something. Sometimes you have to be indulging, sometimes you have to be strict and firm. Reading the situation is one of the most important starting points for good negotiations.

You Deserve Better: Success in Real-Life Negotiations starts by teaching readers specific skills to improve their negotiation skills; describing several scenarios to give the book a real-life feel. As the book says, intuition and experience aren’t always enough, studies of human behavior can also help you in interpreting certain situations and determining how you can persuade others to follow you in this particular situation.

An interesting book that anyone who often deals with negotiations (and basically, anyone, as we all deal with negotiation-situations sometimes) should read.


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